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09/10/2021 01:17PM  
Is there an all inclusive list of entry points (by #) with the word "open" or "closed" next to each entry point? Maybe I can't find it, but if there isn't one, there should be. Thanks.
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09/10/2021 01:38PM  


The entry points which are currently closed are 51, 52 on Gunflint and then 34, 35, 36, 67, 84 in Tofte region

09/10/2021 03:02PM  
From the website:

BWCAW entry points closed due to wildfires:

- Overnight Paddle: Island River #34, Isabella Lake #35, Hog Creek #36, Missing Link Lake #51, Brant Lake #52, Bog Lake #67, Little Isabella River #75, Snake River #84.

- Overnight Hiking: Pow Wow Trail #86

Some of the recent communications from the FS have been confusing because they make it sound like all EPs are open except for the 3 Adam mentioned.
09/10/2021 08:51PM  
It's strange, the site shows no site availability, no quotas for all of the Tofte District except for Homer Lake EP

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09/11/2021 09:28AM  
"Blankenburg Boat Launch, Trails End and Iron Lake campgrounds, and all associated facilities (including but not limited to both Trails End, Trails End Boat Launch Parking Iron Lake Campground, Iron Lake Canoe Carry Down), will remain closed to serve as basecamps and staging areas for firefighters and other personnel responding to wildfires. "

"Visitors with valid permits for Seagull Lake entry point will be able to access the lake via Blankenberg boat launch or Trails End campground. This is the only allowable public use of the boat launch and campground at this time"

I can not understand how anyone could be confused :)
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