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01/04/2022 02:08PM  
I could not plan a trip without your wisdom of the wilderness. I'm thankful for all your reviews! Thank you so much for being so thorough!

Our goal this year is Snowbank to Thomas. A couple BWCA vets, some seasoned, and a new soon to be lifer. We all appreciate your input so much. Thanks!
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01/04/2022 06:10PM  

You're most welcome! And Wow, thank you for the charitable comments, I'm happy to help. But with all sincerity - All glory and praise to God. As a spiritual principal has helped guide my contributions. "All that is not given is lost."

Also, welcome to the official website. I am humbled that I played a role in you signing up. There are a lot of friendly people (too numerous to mention) here who are more knowledgeable than I. In fact, I tried to illustrate that point and pay homage to some of them in my most recent trip report. Needless to say, this is a great community.

God bless!
member (10)member
01/04/2022 07:42PM  
Thank you! I’ve been here a little while. A few years I think. But every time I go to plan a new trip your name comes up and I am grateful to see it! There are others I’ve seen frequently. But yours the most. Everyone who puts in the effort to keep this site so wonderful definitely gets my appreciation as well. Yours just stand out for some reason so I thought I’d show my gratitude. Thank you, and everyone else who does this!
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01/04/2022 07:45PM  
I guess maybe a member for a short while but a user of the site since 2015. :)
01/06/2022 06:10AM  
Yes TB is a great. His trip reports are amazing and his information is so good. Better yet, he is a great person.
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01/06/2022 07:28AM  
I love his reports also! And am amazed at his patience for entering notes about portages. Thanks from another reader.
distinguished member (330)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/07/2022 03:03PM  
I’ll definitely give Tuscarora some big time Kudo’s. So many times when I’ve looked at campsite reports, trip reports, portage reports Tuscarora has a well done report many times with pictures. For those of us that are planners we should aspire to put in the effort that he does!

01/13/2022 10:18PM  
I’ll chime in here and also send a thanks and share a funny story on the subject.

I’m incredibly grateful not only to TuscaroraBorealis, but to this whole community. The wealth of information available at our fingertips offered up from the veterans of many years is unbelievable. I’ve been able to venture into area with confidence knowing a little about them several times thanks to the wisdom offered up on this site.

Now for the funny story.

I had the pleasure of meeting of meeting Paul last summer. We were visiting the Gunflint area during the closures and went back into Grand Marias for something.

As my wife and daughter are anxious to leave I spot the famous black pearl atop a van. I thought, could it really be??? Black bell canoe, BWCA decal, maybe…. Then I dared get close enough to see the lake names written on the inside and knew it was! I tried to explain to my girls why I was hanging out longer. It was like a celebrity sitIng in LA. They got a huge kick out of dad, excited to meet someone, and made fun of me for several days afterwards.

I took the chance to thank him in person and chat briefly but didn’t want to be a burden as he and his daughter were clearly on their way home.

Anyway it was a pleasure and I hope our paths cross again someday.


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01/14/2022 10:50PM  
A sincere you're welcome, and thank you, to all of you! It does my heart well to know that there are others who appreciate my meagher contributions.

I always enjoy meeting other members. However, with this undeserved praise, I hope I don't develop a complex. :) As the facade of me being some sort of a canoe camping savant will quickly crumble if people were to actually meet me and find out that I'm just an awkward, nerdy guy whose only real acumen is that I enjoy documenting my adventures.

Once again, I give a shout out to this ENTIRE community that Adam has created. It has been a perpetually bubbling well spring of friendly, like minded souls who readily supply a treasure trove of helpful information. I am honored to be a part of it.

God bless!
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