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02/03/2022 08:14PM  
Last May I glassed the outside of the hull, sanded then flipped it and sanded the inside. After that life got in the way and I’m only now getting back at it again. A week ago we glassed inside and, well, it could have gone better. I applied two coats of epoxy (shop had been at 70 degrees for 24 hours). I’ve got a few bubbles that I’ll repair by injecting epoxy into them. I’ve got an area the size of a basketball where the epoxy was hardening as I applied it so I’ve sanded that back down to the wood. I’ll splice cloth and epoxy that area.

My main question relates to adding a third or even a fourth coat of epoxy. I’ve sanded about a third of the canoe (80 grit) and I’m uncovering some spots where the glass seems not to have adhered to the wood. These range from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch. I could spot repair these one by one but I’m just wondering if another coat throughout would be better after I finish sanding.
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02/03/2022 08:56PM  
best to get epoxy under the glass in those spots. you can cut the glass out and patch or you inject epoxy under the glass on spots that small. i use a small 3ml syringe. you need to poke two holes then inject into one until the resin fills the void and starts coming out the other. make sure your resin is nice and warm. i used 14 or 18 gauge needle.
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02/03/2022 10:25PM  
Patching fresh epoxy ? SCRAPE and fill. Even lay cloth on the bigger spots. Apply resin and fill coats . Sand and varnish . No one will ever know !

I believe the syringe method will still be visible.

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