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05/05/2022 09:38PM  
Looking at pots - larger size, 3+ liters - and the Sea to Summit Alpha pot looks great. Except, apparently it’s not recommended for use over open fire because of the coating on the handle. I’d likely only use it on a stove, but wonder if I’d want the versatility to use on the grate if needed. Any other ideas? I suspect I might just get it, and maybe damaging the coating on the handles wouldn’t be such a big deal.
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05/05/2022 10:00PM  
That sea to summit option looks pretty good to me. It seems very similar to the MSR 2.5 liter pot I use. I agree with you, not sure how the handle would perform over an open fire but if you are going to primarily be using a stove it should be fine.
05/06/2022 07:09AM  
I had the same concern about a GSI pot I own, so I removed the rubber from the handle with a utility knife; it came off easily.

Problem solved!
05/06/2022 09:51AM  
Primus seems to have some good options . They only sell them as sets and I already own a nice stainless steel MSR set I bought 20+ years ago.
05/15/2022 10:08PM  
Don't overlook a good thrift store find. I happened across a wonderfully light stainless steel pot for $4. Hard to beat that!.
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05/18/2022 01:14AM  
I can't tell from the picture, but is the handle removable? If so, you could remove it and use a pot gripper when cooking over a fire.
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