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member (38)member
05/11/2022 09:10AM  

I will be on Slim Lake in about a month, I have heard the fishing on the lakes listed in my subject line (Slim, Rice, Hook and Keneu) are Notorious for poor fishing.

Is there anyone out there that can verify if that is true or not?
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05/12/2022 07:44AM  
Slim has bass, northern and walleye. I've caught some decent northerns and walleye on Slim, but few and far between. It's a very clear lake that might be best fished early morning or late evening. Rice has no fish. Hook has plentiful northerns but they are mostly on the small side and Keneu is about the same. If you're looking for northerns, head to Big Rice or Lapond. They are shallow lakes but they do hold some large northerns. I've also caught walleye on LaPond.
member (38)member
05/12/2022 01:50PM  
Thank you so much.

Is Big Rice or Lapond very far from Slim?

05/12/2022 07:32PM  
There is a 500 rod portage from Hook. It’s long but fairly flat- if my memory serves me.
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05/12/2022 09:32PM  
It was nearly a decade ago...but, we did alright for small northerns in Keneu.

If you're interested? Here's the trip report. We did the long portage from Big Rice.
member (38)member
05/13/2022 09:44AM  
WOW that is awesome!!!!

That is so kind of you to provide me with so much information.

I will definitely read your trip report.

Thanks again, and keep the information coming!!!
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05/14/2022 09:32PM  
I'll echo some of this.

We just paddled through Big Rice but it didn't look like it was more than five feet deep. Slim we didn't fish at all. Three of us fished Hook & didn't do great, but my buddy did catch a northern the was 30+ inches. Small northern on Keneu.

I'd bow to the wisdom of egknuti but we beat LaPond to a froth for a night & never saw a fish; ditto Big Rice. Both seemed like they ought to hold fish.

The long portage to Big Rice was hard to follow at times when we were there & didn't look like it received much traffic at all, understandably.

Good luck!
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