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05/26/2022 05:43PM  
I’m heading in to do the Quetico-Jean-Bentpine-Badwater loop tomorrow. I called the park office today to get the latest information. They said the portage from the Beaverhouse parking lot to the lake is now “dryish” so there’s no need to float part of it. They didn’t have reports regarding the Beaverhouse-Quetico portage from other paddlers and none of the maintenance crews have come out of the backcountry yet so they didn’t have any further information.

I’ll report back next Wednesday or Thursday.
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senior member (79)senior membersenior member
05/26/2022 07:44PM  
Best of luck for a great trip!

I'll be eagerly looking for your report next week. Sounds like good news on the put-in.
06/02/2022 08:33AM  
My laptop died the day before I left. I’m not going to provide much detail while typing on my phone, but wanted to provide a little information.

The portage from the parking lot to Beaverhouse was dry when we went in last Friday. When we exited on Wednesday, the portage was definitely wet in the low spot. There were a few wooden pallets and boards to walk on, but it wasn’t deep enough that they were necessary. I was surprised that all the portages were drier than I expected.

Beaverhouse is high enough that we were able to paddle right up to the Quetico Lake portage. Other lakes appeared to be down about 6” from there crest. However, they probably rose again after the thunderstorms Monday night and additional rain on Tuesday. I’ll write more about surviving the severe thunderstorm when I write up a trip report after I get a new computer.

Fishing was excellent, especially for lake trout and smallies. Approaching the portage from Beaverhouse to Quetico, there were dozens of lake trout in the shallows. It was a cool site to see. Lakers were generally caught at 11’-13’ in many depths. I caught one in 100’ of water and I caught one trolling for walleye in 8’.

Bugs were non-existent the first two days and then the black flies arrived to dive-bomb or faces and ears.

The water was cold and I’m happy we stayed upright the whole trip.

More to come later.
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