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member (39)member
06/28/2022 04:20PM  
Trying to figure out our next route. We typically do a long hard day paddle in and base camp to fish and explore. We like smaller lakes and generally avoid traversing big lakes if possible. We paddled across Seagull last year and it’s very easy to get stuck due to wind. I know one day in doesnt get you away from all traffic but we like as much isolation as possible. We base camped on lynx lake this year from EP 14. Any ideas?
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distinguished member(1283)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/28/2022 04:51PM  
How hard and long a day?

Entry 37 - Kawishiwi Lake - Half day to Polly Lake. All day to Malberg Lake.

Entry 38 - Sawbill Lake to Grace Lake or Phoebe Lake/ Sawbill Lake to Wine Lake/Sawbill Lake to Cherokee Lake Sawbill. Sawbill can act as a big lake, Alton Lake is a big lake.

Entry 39 - Baker Lake to South or North Temperance

Entry 47 - Lizz Lake to Ogema. The long thin lakes can act large with the wind out of the right directions.

Entry 50 - Cross Bay to Karl/Long Island Lake

Entry 52 to Brandt Lake to Gillis/Crooked Lake

member (39)member
06/28/2022 05:19PM  
Thanks for the options. I’ll look into all of them. We can go as hard as it can be for a day each way. The group just doesn’t enjoy setting and breaking camp every day.
06/28/2022 05:37PM  
Try lakes north of Holt like Ester, Hanson or Zephyr. Take a tow with Seagull Outfitters to American Point then follow the border heading west. Or continue along the border to Knife and head south onto Amoeber.
member (39)member
06/28/2022 07:09PM  
We did do a bushwhack to holt. Could have spent a week there but it was a day trip with no gear
distinguished member(3987)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/28/2022 09:29PM  
Get either Mudro permit option and head for Thunder and Beartrap area
06/29/2022 10:44AM  
If you enter on Seagull (Ep 54) again you can easily make it to Ogishkemuncie (via Alpine, Jasper, Kingfisher) by 2pm or so. The south side of Ogish has some great campsites and it makes for a good "central" location to explore things like Eddy Falls and Agamok Bridge. Easily one of my favorite lakes on that side of the BW.
distinguished member(5081)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
06/29/2022 11:56AM  
This route will get you away from people. Big Slim

Big Moose lake has traditionally been a decent fishing lake.
member (39)member
06/29/2022 02:06PM  
That’s the route we did last year. Had a great time.
06/29/2022 03:16PM  
Crab Lake entry is an option. Base camp on Cummings Lake and you could complete the circuit back through Buck. Lots of little lakes and rivers to explore. Fishing was good for us everywhere except Little Crab. You can find solitude quickly through this entry point with the long portages, numerous route options, and limited permits.
member (39)member
06/29/2022 07:09PM  
I’m still following this and looking into every suggestion.
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