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senior member (84)senior membersenior member
08/10/2022 06:30PM  
All packed and ready to roll. Smye Lake to Heathcote, Heafur, Flet, Flindt, Wilkie, and back out through Smye.
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senior member (82)senior membersenior member
08/14/2022 02:13PM  
Any additional info about this entry point and the condition of the portages from Smye Lake to Wilkie would be greatly appreciated period
senior member (82)senior membersenior member
08/14/2022 02:13PM  
08/15/2022 08:21AM  
See the Smye to Wilkie thread for a LOT more info.
08/16/2022 07:08AM  
It'll be a LOT of good fishing up there on that route :)......any route really!
senior member (84)senior membersenior member
08/18/2022 10:40AM  
The trail from the parking area to the Smye Lake put in is relatively clear. There is some blow down, but they should not give you any problems. As jcavenagh mentioned in the other thread, skip the first area that looks like a put in just past the collapsed trapper’s cabin. That puts you in a beaver pond and you would have to deal with a dam at least 3 feet high.

There are 5 portages marked on Smye Creek as you head toward Wilkie. The first 2 are fairly clear and easy to find. The 3rd portage, marked as 191m, seems to be a figment of someone’s overactive imagination, but you can line your boat both ways. The 4th portage is marked as 139m on the planner website, but is actually around 30m as indicated in the FOW route guide. Nothing to worry about on this one. The last portage could use some attention, but once again, no real difficulties.

I had to shorten my trip as the soles on my boots started coming off, so Wilkie was as far as I got. Fishing was decent, but the fly in cabin was active on Wilkie. There were several float plane take offs and landings, and they buzzed my camp a couple of times.

There is a map on the Rusty Meyers float plane service website showing where you can expect to find walleye.

Wilkie is a fairly large lake and you can expect troublesome waves if the breeze picks up. Very pretty lake with mostly jack pine and black spruce, but there are some birch deeper in the woods. You may wish to pick up birch bark for kindling on your way in.

I would recommend you bring a heavy duty saw. You will be on crown land until you hit Wilkie, so the only portage maintenance is what the canoe trippers do. I was glad to have my Katanaboy 500 with me.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have questions.
09/02/2022 04:45PM  
Yes...On Aug. 5, 2022 my buddy, peter, and I cleared a lot of smaller stuff between the car and the put in.
We did not have a big saw so we did not clear any bigger blowdown.
(I left my big saw at home because, well, I'm an idiot. Bring a big saw.)
But OMNR does use Smye Lake for a put in for their ongoing fish count project.
I think the four wheel track may be cleared with chain saws in the next couple of years.
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