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09/21/2022 08:44PM  
A friend and I have been thinking of paddling from West to East across the Boundary Waters and wanting to see if anyone out there already has any pre-existing routes mapped, or know of where I could find some.
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09/22/2022 03:36PM  
I've done the section from Kawishiwi River to Sawbill through the Numbered Lakes/Fishdance/Lady Chain.....msg me for more info or read my trip report from 2020.
09/22/2022 03:40PM  
I have been looking at doing that route for a long time. Here is a link to my google map for my basic idea.

West to East BWCA Border Route
09/22/2022 03:50PM  
I've been in a group of four that paddled across Quetico. Let me know if you'd like information on that option.
09/22/2022 04:22PM  
This is something that has been on my list and I have sketched out a few possible routes depending on how much time I would have.

Shortest is from Moose to Saganaga along the border...with the option of tows on either side. Could probably do this over a 3 day weekend.

With a 5 or 6 night trip, Snowbank through Ima to Kek and Ogish coming out at Seagull. Probably doable in 4 nights but 5 or 6 allows for layover days if necessary or desired.

One longer trip would start at the Kawishiwi River and meander to the Frost River and could come up in a number of different places....Round Lake, Poplar Lake, or Brule. I figure this is an 8 to 10 day trip or longer.

And of course there is the classic border route which you can read about about in the border route challenge thread.

Lots of options...good luck!
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09/23/2022 05:18PM  
Are you wanting to do it fast or take your time and do the more in-depth routes?

The easiest/fastest way is the border route as mentioned. People race it from time to time and the best can FLY doing it all the way essentially without stopping.

If you want to dip south you're of course adding more days and portages but also smaller water and more things to see if you have lots of time.
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