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10/06/2022 09:54AM  
I booked my trip for next year with Wabakimi Outfitters. They are a bit more expensive but with doing our first whitewater trip they seem to be more thorough with map prepping and route planning. From a safety perspective and being better prepared, I decided it was worth the higher price.

Currently thinking I’ll fly in on Sunday August 6th to the Allenwater bridge. Doing a 14 day trip and didn’t want to lose a day waiting for the train which would be Monday or Thursday. Working up to Wabakimi lake following the river. Not sure on how I then want to route into Whitewater lake. Current plan is to the head south to Smoothrock Lake and then out on Little Caribou lake with a shuttle pick up.

I did pick up some route maps guides from Wabakimi maps already. I also got the online versions of Friends of Wabakimi route map areas for this trip.

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. We’re flying in so I could pick a different drop off point and wouldn’t have to start at the bridge. We could start further south or further North like I saw Northern Scavenger do a few years back. They then routed up further north and came back south down into Cliff lake. Much harder gnarlier portages on that route though.

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10/12/2022 02:04PM  
I have never done the Allenwater, but I have seen videos of folks paddling northbound under the rail bridge.
In August you might expect lower water levels.
Bruce H can probably give you a better idea about that.
Of course, 2022 was an unusual high water year, so there's that....
That is probably the most popular route in the park.
So you might see as many as 2 or even 3 other canoe parties on your way.
Good luck finding a campsite with that kind of crowding! ;-o
10/12/2022 11:03PM  
Train is Monday and Thursday. We’re going to fly in on A Sunday so hopefully that helps get us started on a less busy day. You never know though and groups will probably travel at different rates. I’m starting to think about distances to travel and good campsites to shoot for or when you should hold up.

Joe Robinet and one of his buddies each filmed a YouTube trip on the Allenwater to Wabakimi lake this last summer. I’ll usually watch those types of videos and try to figure out where people are at. Always nice when people include maps though in the videos.

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11/21/2022 04:22PM  
I have paddled the Allenwater. Not being accomplished whitewater paddlers it required ALOT of lining. You could also consider doing the Flindt up to Wabakimi lake instead. The Flindt required much less lining and more paddling. The issue doing the Flindt may be cost (and I'm not sure where the plane would drop you on the Flindt route) as it is further west than the Allenwater. I've done both by train entry.

I also have a video up on Youtube of our Allenwater river trip (although we did not go all the way up to Wabakimi lake on that trip, but came back to the tracks via Redhead lake). Actually its a series, but you'll find most of the Allenwater section on this first video:

Wabakimi trip video

I'm not sure it gives you the sense of how much lining we needed to do, but it may be helpful. Unfortunately, I do not have a video on the Flindt route (done before You tube).

I can give you info on where we camped either trip, but your maps and Bert at Wabakimi adventures will provide good advice on that.

Be aware also that as Wabakimi lake runs East - West and is large - the wind can really be an issue.

There is a tiny island east of center that we camped on - (hope for Northern lights :).

Just my two cents - Either way it will be a great trip. And I had to laugh a little about your comment on a less "busy" day. There are none.

Let me know if I can help in any way, Todd
11/21/2022 08:12PM  
I’ve watched your video already. Enjoyed it. I go through the different YouTube videos and try to glean as much information as I can out of them. I watched the heck out of the Quetico videos last year. Joe Robinet and a buddy of his did the Allenwater river out to Wabakimi lake this summer. They got flown out. Both posted videos of the trip. Lots of trip options in Wabakimi. Thinking we’ll do the Kopka next year but we’ll see how this year goes.

I’ll shoot you an email at some point after I watch the video again.

Thanks, Ryan
11/28/2022 11:34AM  
The Flindt River can also be accessed by car.
Entry south of Heathcote -
Put in is at 50.183098, -90.504306

The ONT DOT Salt domes are on the east side of the 599 Road at 50.483276, -90.249081. Turn right there and go 10.85 miles to the put in.
You will pass Rusty Meyers sign.
Then follow the Vista Lake sign.
You drive past the airstrip and go east to the second bridge.

Confirmed by wyopaddler in Sept. 2022:
"Vista Lake/Rusty Myers Road near Savant Lake. The parking area is located at the second bridge past the airfield. There is an easy portage on the west side of the river around a swift from the road to the put in (about 200m). The Flindt River between the put in and Flindt Landing has 2 swifts and a log pullover that need to be navigated (lining/wading). The narrow portion of the river in that section is very interesting. We saw a moose, a pair of swans, and the usual duckie birds.
If you choose to fly in or out with Rusty Myers they will shuttle your car. "
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01/18/2023 07:53AM  
Hey Ryan,

We've done the Kopka (2021) and the Flindt (2022) happy to fill you in if you're interested. There were very different water levels between the two years. Kopka was a fly in-paddle out using Bruce Hyer's services. We were evicted from the Quetico due to fires and he saved our trip. His Eco- lodge , his maps, and ambiance are great. In 2022 we self outfitted. Loved both trips. The Flindt is an awesome waterway with lots of walleye and wildlife.


Southwest Loop-Flindt
01/20/2023 07:13PM  
I’ll have to look at the Flindt since I haven’t looked at that so far. How was the Kopka for you? Did you do the Goat portage at the end with the ropes or the opposite side? Both are pretty rough though. Kopka looks like a big challenge and you did it on the fly last minute! I’m sure Bruce’s help and knowledge were critical that late in the game.

Had you done much whitewater prior to that trip? This will be our first whitewater trip this year on the Allenwater.

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01/21/2023 08:01AM  
Hey Ryan, You missed the signature on the email, but yes, my husband and I did the Kopka River Trip together as well. It was our introduction to Wabakimi and we fell in love with it. We flew onto Siess Lake and paddled out to Bukemiga over 10 days. We could have done it faster but we weren't in a rush.

Yes, we done a fair amount of paddling in moving water in the past though nothing extreme. We are comfortable paddling CI to CII but take advantage of every portage offered when in the bush. I think having basic whitewater skills is very helpful on the Kopka, especially skills like, reading the current, lining the boat, ferrying in current, basic strokes (draw, cross draw, pry, bow cut), landing and launching in moving water. We travel in one tandem canoe so we often choose to line for safety purposes to avoid the chance of a "wet exit" in the wilderness where we have no support. We are very committed to not needing to be rescued.

The water was super low in 2021 (August) on the Kopka and we lined "A LOT" for a couple of days early in the trip and scraped the heck out of our boat. The "Seven Sisters" section was beautiful and very straight forward in regard to paddling and locating portages. They are all well used.

We did not take the "Goat Portage" but rather chose to take what I call "The Gates of Mordor" portage on the opposite shore. It was a very steep, mossy, slippery drop around the falls. I have no idea how my husband carried the boat down that alone. It was impressive.

Bruce's maps were extremely accurate both in identifying swifts, rapids, falls, portages, and campsites. Not so much with the fish, but that could have been us :)

Our Kopka pictures are on his Wabakimi Canoeing and Fishing Outfitters Facebook page if you want to see them. Scroll down to my post on Oct. 21.

Hope that helps. Have a great trip. Melissa
01/21/2023 08:52PM  
Sorry about that I saw the Melissa after the fact. I met you and the hubby on the Dore to Twin Lakes portage in Quetico this summer. I was with my son and one of his friends and we were starting our trip on Day 1. You were at the end of your trip. I did talk about that with you or your husband on here before but in the Quetico forum I think.

I really like “The Gates of Mordor” name. It’s perfect since I’ve seen multiple people do it on video.

We’re doing our whitewater training this spring. It’s a pool day and then two weekends. I had a specific whitewater canoe built by Northstar Canoes this winter. It came in early so the vendor already has it and is storing it for the winter for me.

My only bummer is I need a 4th person to bring the other boy with who is great to trip with. Feeling a little down about that since I know he would go in a second and do the whitewater training with us.

Woodland Caribou is on my bucket list as well but I’m giving it some time to recover from the burns.

Have you guys paddled in Utah. I’m thinking about that for a family trip in 2 to 3 years. The San Juan with the Cliff dwellings and petroglyphs is just calling to us as a family. Only a 3 to 5 day trip without getting into bigger rapids though for the longer route.

Family trip is Yellowstone and Grand Teton this summer since that is what the wife wanted. I really want to get them into Quetico. I’d like to do a Prairie Portage entry up into Agnes then the S Chain back down. Just could not make the fates work this year though for Quetico with the other two trips being 2 weeks each. Wabakimi and Yellowstone.


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01/22/2023 07:44AM  
Yup, I remember you well. I was wishing I had those young men to help portage :) Spring Whitewater weekends sounds so fun.

Yes, we've paddled a lot in Utah. Took our son on his first 10-say paddle down the Green River when he was 8 months old and several times since. Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyon combined is a great flat water trip with lots of side canyon hikes, rock art, and some cliff dwellings. It's popular with families. Desolation and Gray Canyons on the Green are also awesome but you definitely need whitewater skills. We did it with the kids but in a raft with duckies. And yes the San Juan is awesome, but again whitewater so most folks hire a guide service which means it gets pricey.

Yellowstone and Tetons is in our backyard. Everyone should see it once. Be prepared for massive crowds. It can be shocking in the prime season which is the entire summer anymore. If you're up for it there is a fun short paddle in Yellowstone from Lewis Lake to Shoshone Lake with overnight backcountry camping. It even has a little remote geyser basin. Permit needed but it's a great way to escape the crowds for a couple of nights. Leigh Lake is similar in Grand Teton Park.

Hope you find that 4th paddler.

01/22/2023 08:20AM  
Gaidin53, I read your post about your whitewater training. I'm assuming it is the one I did last May here in MN. If it is, it's a good course with knowledgeable instructors. There was a couple out of the St. Cloud area if I remember correctly who used a B17 on the rivers we paddled. It's a nice boat. Handled well in various conditions and traveled well when loaded. I think you'll really like your experience and it's good training!
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01/22/2023 11:07AM  
for what it's worth I hope to take the train and do the Flindt, because it is less lining and such than the Allenwater entry.

I'd like to exit at Tamarac if getting picked up there is an option, haven't spoken to Bruce yet about that.

01/22/2023 07:35PM  
Had to search to figure out where Tamarack lake was. Hadn’t looked as much at Flindt river route but that looks interesting. We could do a very similar finish if we did that instead of the Allenwater. Gets you to Wabakimi lake.

It was amazing how much we’d improved by the end of the two week Quetico trip. Dealing with finding the portages. How to deal with beaver dams which was helpful since we had to deal with beaver dams exiting later that summer with the family in the BWCA.

Funny thing was I dumped the canoe about a half mile from our exit on that river portion this summer. Was getting back in after 22 days on the water and got my weight line off. My daughter wasn’t to happy since she was bow. Good thing was it was shallow water so no big deal or safety concern. Heck if I could have picked a spot to dump I’d probably pick that spot again!

YEAH green river sounds interesting and is near Moab which would be cool since we want to visit again.

01/28/2023 09:30AM  
joewildlife: "I'd like to exit at Tamarac if getting picked up there is an option, haven't spoken to Bruce yet about that."

Bruce has offered Tamarack Lake shuttles in the past, though they are not cheap.
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01/29/2023 09:59AM  
Yup I booked with Bruce to be dropped off at the Allenwater bridge, paddling the Flindt river route, coming out on Tamarack. Bruce did say there would be a surcharge to pick us up there, but that's okay.
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01/29/2023 12:55PM  
Love that Flindt River Route. So many Walleye. Have a great time.
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