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member (16)member
07/28/2023 06:31AM  
The last few years I've taken to making pickles on my BWCA trip. It's fun, easy, tasty and different - highly recommend!

My process:
- Bring along a small container of apple cider vinegar, maybe 3-4 oz., in a leakproof container.
- Pre-mix a small baggie of pickling spices. Start with a mix of sugar & salt, then add whatever you like - some black pepper, a bay leaf, some chili flakes, etc.
- Bring a couple veg to pickle on the trail. I like a small red onion, a carrot or a small cucumber. But get creative! Bring a jalapeno, a couple garlic cloves, ..

One morning (I like to do this a few days in, seems more magical that way), slice up the veg, throw in a leakproof container with the vinegar & spices, shake up and throw in the food bag. At dinnertime, voila! Pickles ala BWCA.

Here's one great example of how I like to use them:

Wilderness pork & rice bowls:
- Minute rice
- Meat shredz
- Wilderness pickle (see above)
- Sesame seeds

Prep the rice & pork per instructions (basically just jet-boil some water & add)
To serve, put some rice in a bowl or mug, scoop of pulled pork over it, add a few pieces of pickled red onion, sprinkle on sesame seeds.

Easy, light weight, tasty, and fun!

Anyone else pickle stuff on trips?
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07/28/2023 08:29AM  
Good one... Shirley you jest!

Bring a grinder and make relish for your brats over charcoal on the Weber!
member (16)member
07/28/2023 11:04AM  
Not sure I understand the response, but I still say making pickles on canoe trips is fun & delicious!
07/28/2023 05:44PM  
This could have been posted under my recent thread "what do you do at camp for crafting projects"...
member (16)member
07/28/2023 06:38PM  
Yes! It’s food AND crafts!
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