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distinguished member (192)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/21/2023 08:54AM  
We are looking into exploring new territory (for us) next June and talking about the Boulder Bay and Tiger Bay on Lac La Croix areas. Our primary focus is on walleye fishing. Should we continue to research this area or try somewhere else? Any information on campsites and fishing will be appreciated.
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08/21/2023 09:19AM  
Have stayed at campsite 1820 in boulder bay and would recommend it. Large site with plenty of tent and hammock options. We did well with walleye on boulder bay. There's a handful of "points of interest" nearby for exploring as well. Can't say I would spend a week here, but a night or two before moving to Iron or further into Lac La Croix was adequate for us.
08/21/2023 09:47AM  
Plenty of eyes to be caught throughout LLC. Iron is good too.
08/21/2023 10:54AM  
Both of these areas are really cool! We stayed in this area in 2020 and really enjoyed it. The fishing was excellent. Campsites 175 and 177 are both really nice and allow easy acess to some really good ponts/rocky areas for fishing.

I would also recoomend going up towards Fish Stake Narrows if you get the chance. This area is super beautiful and has great fishing as well. We stayed at campsite 168, which is an amazing large island site. Hope you have a great trip!
distinguished member (192)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/22/2023 08:53AM  
Thanks for the replies. These will be a starting point for our planning sessions for next year.
08/22/2023 10:08AM  
Both Boulder and Tiger Bays have great campsites, all four or five I’ve stopped at looked good. Boulder/Tiger/Never Fails/Fish Stake narrows all have good walleye fishing. Obviously depends on time of year and how you fish for them.
distinguished member (142)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/23/2023 11:38AM  
Nearly all of the island sites are good and you are right in the middle of many landmarks ... Warrior Hill, Pictos, day trip across Iron to Curtain Falls, etc. A great place to target for a base camp.
08/23/2023 12:40PM  
We did well on walleye and smallmouth in north boulder bay and up to fish stake narrows and that was early August. June should be way better. It is a popular area and getting a site in Tiger bay may be tricky.
Wind can be an issue. We were fishing down in Boulder Bay and when we hit the more open area of LLC we struggled to get back to camp so keep your eyes on the weather for sure.
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