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02/03/2024 05:28PM  
Hi all,

I posted a few months ago about a trip I was planning with my dad in mid/late May. Originally, we planned on the Fall Lake to Basswood Lake trip. Sadly, we were not able to reserve that entrance point. We did not want to change our dates, and we were already booked with an outfitter in Ely, so we changed plans to the Wood Lake entrance point. I am hoping to get some new route information and some general advice about the entrance point.

We are doing a 4 day trip, want to set up a basecamp, and are doing a 4 day trip. Our hope is that we can do a lot of travel on day 1, fish and relax on days 2 and 3, and then travel out on day 4. Are there specific areas around wood lake we should focus on for fishing? Should we try and make it to basswood lake as originally planned? Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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distinguished member(1440)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/03/2024 07:03PM  
Hey Jay...welcome!

Wood Lake is a favorite entry point of mine but I've never really fished Basswood. I'm sure you'll hear a lot about it from others.

If you decide to spend time on Good or Indiana, you can find good fishing. Probably not the size and numbers as on Basswood since that is an amazing fishery. Good has bass, pike, and some panfish. The camp in the narrows is really nice with a great view...little bit of a slippery landing on the rocks if wet. The other campsite is small and sloped but right on the water.

Indiana has beautifully clear water with good bass fishing and some really nice-sized northerns. The westernmost site is better than than other one, in my opinion. The lake is in a bowl so there isn't as much wind but it has always seemed very buggy.

If you decide to stay on Wood, let me now and I'll send you some info. We really enjoy fishing on Wood Lake and do well for bass, northerns, and some walleye. Never been disappointed!

Enjoy the planning and hope you get some good info from others.
senior member (66)senior membersenior member
02/05/2024 11:30AM  
Basswood is fairly simple to get to from Wood Lake and the Bay when entering from Good Lake (right between the portage and the small island) has proved to be pretty good fishing both times I have been there. There is also sunken logging equipment to the left in that bay towards Good Creek. I didn't realize that until after my last trip there. Wood Lake is also a favorite of mine and have had great fishing there as well. There are plenty of bays with different features to explore and fish that you would be just fine staying there for your trip. You can easily day trip into Basswood if you'd like. I have never been to Indiana Lake but have heard great things about it.
distinguished member (204)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/06/2024 07:18AM  
The first time we went to Wood, we stayed at the narrows campsite on Wood. It was like an wind, no shade.

We moved to the narrows campsite on Wood and it was like air conditioning. We caught some nice smallmouth and walleyes, and a big largemouth and big walleye. Didn't do much for northerns.

My kids and I were headed to the bay in Basswood by taking the creek one afternoon. The beavers had installed a lock system of sorts with 2 good steps we could see in Good Creek. The passage was gonna be a little muckier and difficult than I wanted to put the kids through at that time of day.

I wasn't that keen on the motor lake anyway.
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