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03/03/2024 12:52PM  
Hope this is the right subforum for this...

Original thread on this from last June here

A big Thank-You to our own member “Tumblehome”, who kindly donated a beautiful piece of Black Ash for this project.

Not my first rodeo, and not my first Yoke. But it is my first one out of wood!

As we understand its history, this Jensen 18 was a garage queen that did a few New England downriver rec races…then got parked for over 20 years.

It came with a center thwart and no yoke; also (we think) Mahogany inwales, stained black.

The new Yoke was formed (Tumblehome even gave me the shape, pencilled on the Black Ash board) with four saws, a router and a sander.

I added a third bolt on each side (the aluminum thwart had two on each side) for extra stability.

Stained black to match. Four coats of Spar on top.

Then I fabricated my own portage pads. I’ve left them uncovered for now - will play with them and adjust before possibly covering in cordura or something similar.

The pads are made from 1/2” treated plywood, 2.75 x 6”, radiused corners, with a formed block of Minicell Foam cemented to the top. Threaded T-Nuts will receive bolts from the bottom of the Yoke.

The pads weigh 3.25 oz each with hardware.

New yoke is 21oz with hardware.

The old Thwart was 6.5 ounces with hardware.

Net weight gain to add the yoke and portage pads: 21 ounces.

I hate adding weight. I suppose I could have thinned the yoke out a bit - it’s conceivable that I left a couple-three ounces on the table, so to speak.

However I am pretty confident that this Yoke will never have an issue supporting the load; after my mods the canoe’s base weight is 36.5# (EDIT - pared down more & weighed with more accurate scales, base weight is 34# 3oz (before the yoke pads)). When outfitted with yoke pads, two CF paddles, fishing rod, backband, bailer, sponge, painter line and map (all secured in the canoe for portaging) the canoe’s actual carry weight is 38.5# (EDIT - will be more like 36.5# carry weight).

With the warm weather, the boat may get wet soon (EDIT - two paddles so far this crazy warm March, and my goodness the boat has serious glide...she's a speedster!)

Thanks again, Tom!
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distinguished member(2928)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/05/2024 10:20AM  
Hey SNS. That looks real nice. That ash is perfect for yokes since it is quite lightweight and flexible. Enjoy!
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