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Guest Paddler
06/17/2024 11:11AM  
I'm curious about how long the average time is to get from tuscarora lodge to Crooked lake (just west of Owl lake) entering at Missing Link.
I know there are many variables, but if there's two of us, we double portage, one person may not be conditioned to such hardship, what would be the range of hours you would expect for such a journey carrying supplies for 6 days? We plan to set off at about 8am 6/22. Thanks
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06/17/2024 11:47AM  
Weather permitting, I would guess between 5-6 hours. That Tuscarora portage from Missing link will take the bulk of your time with double portaging. No campsites on Owl - so not sure your final destination. You may want to make a possible plan to grab a site in western Tuscarora if time becomes an issue.
06/17/2024 01:46PM  
The first day of travel is usually the slowest. The routines of loading and unloading, portaging and navigation (I have been known to backtrack.) all eat time and energy. Drop some weight and travel times exiting are often much faster so shorter travel the first day is advised. The long portage mentioned can suck the life out of anyone not in shape so a stop on Tuscarora is something to consider.
06/17/2024 02:10PM  
What's the mileage from Tuscarora Lodge to Crooked lake? Figure 2 miles per hour for reasonable estimate.
06/17/2024 02:24PM  
It's about 10 miles to the middle of Crooked Lake including double portaging, which is about 5 hours at the 2mph average bobber mentioned. You might be as long as 6 hours. The 2mph doesn't require hard paddling or fast walking, but you can't stop and take a 15-minute break every hour. Pack as light as you can and be organized at portages.
06/17/2024 03:00PM  
Took me 5 hours traveling solo, double portaging, and with heck of a headwind across Tuscarora. On my trip portages were on dry side. Personally, I've been a solid hour slower on that trip when Tuscarora portage is wet/muddy/puddles.
member (42)member
06/17/2024 11:45PM  
Agree with 5-6 hours as others have mentioned. My group did Missing Link to West end of Little Sag last year, but we single portaged. We made it to Mora Lake in about 3 hours.

As BigTim mentioned, the mile+ Tuscarora portage is what will take the most time for you. If you are on water at 8, then you are on Crooked at 2 PM looking for a site. That's not too bad and if there's just two of you, any of the sites should work. 513 looks like a nice site.

We loved this trip last year, enjoy!
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