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07/05/2009 10:58PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
New Trip Report posted by tg

Trip Name: UL overnight solo.

Entry Point: 75

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07/06/2009 07:29AM  

Thanks for a nice trip report. I liked the hammock and tarp setup!

Question regarding insulin. My partner recently starting taking insulin and this August will be our first trip with insulin. Can you recommend an effective way to store/pack it?


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07/06/2009 05:58PM  

I've been an insulin dependent diabetic for 35 years and during the past 20 years I've made nearly 30 6-7 day trips into the Boundary Waters. Insulin does not need to be refrigerated, I just store it with the rest of my toiletries.
07/06/2009 08:14PM  
Nice report. I envy your ability to get away so easily.

I actually have the same tarp and hammock. I will try it for the first time this aug. in the BW. Just curious but are your tarp doors sewn on? I think I was one of the first persons to get the new snap on doors with my tarp.

I'll have to remember the route you took. Would make for a fine solo being off the large water and all. My next solo is next summer with my dog. Looking forward to it.
07/06/2009 08:18PM  
fwiw-i am a medical provider-and johno is right. once opened insulin does not-in fact should not be refrigerated. it is stable at room temperature for 28-30 days. you will want to keep it out of the sun. i use Lantus insulin (a long acting) and Novolog pens (a fast acting). i carry an extra Novolog pen in case i lose my first one (hopefully relatively full) or run out. i put the extra pen in with my spare clothes where it is well protected.

07/06/2009 08:29PM  
TomT-mine are sewn on-he gave me the option of the snaps but I decided to stick with sewn on roll up flaps. the nice thing about the snaps is in summer or when you expect good weather you can just leave them at home.

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07/06/2009 08:40PM  
nice trip b**ch. :)
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07/07/2009 06:26AM  
Nice report, it's great to see what a person can do solo. Congrats!
07/07/2009 07:27AM  
Thanks to all for the info on insulin.
07/09/2009 08:58AM  
Thanks for the interesting read, I enjoyed your trip observations. I liked how you adapted to the changing weather conditions late in the planning.
Finding the location of some portage locations which are difficult has a way of extending the day while providing a more memorable trip. :)
If so inclined, I have found Voyageur, thru their web-site very receptive to found errors on their maps. The reported error is checked out and the next edition will have the corrections. Not all map companies have offered this as easily as Voyageur.
07/09/2009 09:24PM  
Nice report. I also appreciate the gear list at the end.
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07/14/2009 02:09PM  
gotta love the petta and peanut butter. this made a wonderful lunch on the island campsite of wine lake. Very nice report.
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07/14/2009 02:24PM  
Very nice!
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