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05/04/2010 10:15PM  

I spent the past week at North House Folk School learning the art of cedar strip construction under the watchful eye of Ken Koscik (our teacher). Ken is a master of the art.

Grand Marais is a beautiful spot, and the canoe we constructed was also a true beauty. If you are a "stripper-wannabe" and if you ever have the opportunity to go back to school, then North House is for you.

The topping of my week was taking Tom's NW Merlin for a test paddle on a small lake north of Duluth. I loved the feel of the Merlin and I will build her according to the old "rocker-less" plans.

Thanks "Woodcanoe" for everything. The strips I bought from you are now safely stowed in my garage. Beautiful stuff

I have attached a picture of my new stripper. Use your imagination and you can see her cutting through the waters....... nice lines, huh?

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distinguished member (268)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/05/2010 12:15PM  

It was my pleasure. I'm glad you made it home OK. I enjoyed talking with you about life, the canoe, and dirt :)

Stay in touch and call or email me when you get stuck, I'll try to help.


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