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member (25)member
07/02/2010 09:46PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
New Trip Report posted by ryckiej

Trip Name: My First BWCA.

Entry Point: 64

Click Here to View Trip Report
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distinguished member (394)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/02/2010 10:35PM  
Nice trip. Wow! A solo as a first trip impresses me. Sounds like you did a good job. I still don't know if a solo would be my cup of tea.
07/02/2010 10:47PM  
Nice trip report! You should give yourself more poetic license; you have a flair for words. The comment about "Orb and Scepter" is striking.

I can TOTALLY identify with how you felt about bagging it. I've done quite a few 4-night trips (non-BW) that turned into 2- and 3-nighters. It takes a while to get comfortable with solo tripping and I hope you feel more confident now than before. I'd be interested to hear how your thoughts evolve in the next few weeks and months.

You wrote: "I don’t think solo is for me yet. I need a little more human contact until I get comfortable with the whole idea." I would suggest soloing is just the ticket, though not exclusively. A big part of solo tripping is learning that the emotional discomfort doesn't last. After you've done several 3-nighters you'll get the hang of it and if you're anything like me your confidence will pull you to longer trips. You had a couple of tough portages, so it's understandable that you'd be leery. Next time maybe try a route that has more paddling and shorter portages.

"I’m tempted to just go the other way and paddle off into the wilderness." Now you're talking!
07/03/2010 08:10AM  
Congrats on your first trip...let there be many more...nice report!
07/03/2010 08:18AM  
"nervous as a whore in church"

Never thought I would read that in a trip report ;)

The heebie Jeebies will get you, I only lasted one night on my first solo. Keep at it, it grows on you. Try a group solo maybe?
distinguished member (269)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/03/2010 09:16AM  
Just finihed my first solo, and I know what you mean.

Nice report.
07/03/2010 03:12PM  
Thanks for the report, never been on a solo , so interested in your reactions,
07/03/2010 04:09PM  
Ah yes, your thoughts bring back memories of my first two sols when I was in my twenties. Lots of nervousnes, second guessing and even paranoia. Luckily I kept at it and by my fourth solo I think I became a somewhat confident tripper.

Keep at it with groups and then try the solo thing again sometime. I think you will surprise yourself as you grow older and wiser.

Thanks for the report, I really enjoyed it.
07/03/2010 09:07PM  
I loved your report! And congrats on taking the chance and having your first trip ever be a solo - way to go!
distinguished member(1479)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/05/2010 03:53PM  
Pretty impressive: first BWCA trip a solo, and tackling the Canoe to Pine portage - that's a tough up-and-down portage.
Nice report.
distinguished member(1775)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/05/2010 05:38PM  
Congrats on your trip. I could practically hear you talking aloud to the saw poking from your pack, at the fire not starting... I like your observation of the one dead tree that reminds us life doesnt go as planned sometimes. How true. And my favorite line of all:

"The last camper left their toilet paper and I got the idea that if I had my canoe paddle in one hand, the TP in the other hand, I’d have an Orb and Scepter while I sat on my throne and gave counsel to the woodland creatures."

Thanks for sharing.
distinguished member(632)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/07/2010 07:55AM  
nice report, my first solo will be this fall. i feel your concerns as i type.
distinguished member(563)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/07/2010 09:21AM  
Excellent trip report! Solo on the first trip, you aren't chicken!
distinguished member(749)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/07/2010 10:43AM  
great report! we were in that area 2 years ago. too bad you didnt get to see johnson falls, its a gourgeous site!
07/07/2010 11:42AM  
Congratulations on your solo trip! Hopefully you will return to the BWCA again and again.

Thanks for writing such a great trip report.
07/10/2010 10:00PM  
Congrats...a brave or foolish soul to do a first trip solo. I have never done a solo and don't think I will...I like somebody to talk to and share things with. I hope you can recruit a brother or somebody and so another, longer trip. More days, more chance for the weather to change. Enjoyed reading your report. Evaluate what the outfitter sent with you...useful or not, worked, or not. Then ask questions here, and get more ideas...and eventually, start to collect your own equipment. Maybe save a canoe for last, or rent, but you could buy a pack, tent, stove, cook kit, saw, tarp, etc.
distinguished member(2440)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/19/2010 08:22PM  
Thank you for a nice trip report. Your comments were very good and insightful too. A few more pictures next time!

I have solo tripped on numerous occasions. It is not for everyone but I find I like them and hate them at times! I too miss people or at least one traveling companion so getting lonely is part of the game.

I agree with Koda, you made a rather tough trip for yourself. Next time take an easier route with more paddling. You will be glad you did.

All in all I loved your trip report. Your comments were funny at times as well as insightful too. Thanks.
distinguished member(2152)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/20/2010 02:57AM  
Way to go! You got a pair!! Took me 10 or 11 trips b/f I did my first solo. Great trip report. Very reflective and insightful.
07/22/2010 05:03PM  
Loved your report, I had my first solo trip month, and I wish we had done it together. I was scared too......
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