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06/27/2011 08:54PM  
Hi all

I want to build another. This time a tandem.

I have read good comments about a canoe called the Micmac with the sturgeon-nose stem. A design that David Hazen (author of The Strippers Guide to Canoe Building) has in his book. The one shown here is 18 feet.

Hazen's plans call for building on 2 foot centers. That bothers me and I think (if I build it) I would try to fashion molds between hazen's 2-foot molds.

There is a canoe designed by Bruce Kunz called the Kootney Tandem: A 17' cruising canoe (MCA has these plans and forms are on 1 foot centers).

Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about the Micmac or Kootney. Does anyone have a picture of either of these ?????????
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06/28/2011 12:22AM  
I have the book, too. That's all I can tell you about it. Have fun!
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