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07/28/2011 09:22PM  
I have just returned from my yearly road trip back east...... a yearly trip to see my Mom and family in MA and VT. This year we returned through Ontario and side-tripped to visit the Canadian Canoe Museum and Bear Mountain Boats in Peterborough, ON.

The canoe museum is a spiritual place and if you ever travel near Peterborough and have a love for canoes, it is a place that is a must to see. I call it a spiritual place for good reason.

Check out the link and do the "virtual galleries" under "collections and exhibits"
The Canadian Canoe Museum

While in Peterborough, I visited with Ted Moores. He is a great man to visit with and a man with a passion for wood boats. I talked to him about my plans to loft and build the Chestnut Canoe Company Ranger (Bear Mountain boat plans page 50). Ted had high regard for the Ranger and encouraged me to loft...... "if you are a builder you owe it to yourself to loft the plans".

A couple pictures show the shop, Ted and I, and the Royal Collection at the museum. Ted was commissioned by the Prime Minister of Canada to build a canoe is a wedding gift to Prince Charles and Lady Di

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