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07/13/2012 07:56AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Heading out the morning of July 21 for Manitoba, coming into park from SW corner from the Manitoba side. Enter the woods on Sunday morning July 22, for 7 day solo. Will drive home on Sunday July 29.
65 mile loop.

I can't wait to go!

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07/13/2012 09:54AM  
Sounds awesome; be safe, and have a blast! Wondering-I assume it's a bit early to bring your new canoeing partner along with you?
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07/13/2012 11:40AM  
Depending on how far east you go...maybe we'll see you...
Nutria, Amber, Streak, Aegean, South Aegean...
We'll be 3 in a Q18.5.
Oh, and Float Stanley, so make that 4 in a canoe.
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07/13/2012 12:11PM  
have a blast paul! im jealous.
07/15/2012 12:15PM  
Have a great time Paul. Look forward to your report and all your pics and videos.
07/15/2012 03:26PM  
Have a great time Paul and hope all goes well. I'm looking forward to hearing about it as well. Love your videos the most. Next year you'll have good Karma with you. Be careful out there!
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07/16/2012 09:52AM  
Have a great time Paul. Looking forward to your trip report.
07/16/2012 08:13PM  
Have a great trip.
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07/17/2012 09:49PM  
My nose will be plastered to the screen once again. ;-) Have a great one!
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