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07/29/2012 10:56PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I always like to have Pizza at least once on a trip, I have a couple youtubes showing how I do it. I like pepperoni, but could do this with dehydrated hamburger also, if you like hamburger pizza or both.

Please share with me how you do your pizza!

I know divainthewild, makes great pizza on a HOT rock.


The Pizza Fixings

Baking the Pizza
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07/30/2012 05:55AM  
We just make BW Pizza in a fry pan. Quick, easy and tasty.
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07/30/2012 09:15AM  
I'm fond of the JMO.

I take dehydrated pizza sauce, onions, green peppers, and ground beef - put them all in a cup with lid at lunch time with water, and it does make a good pizza. Planning it twice this year - ground beef and pepperoni. Been thinking about dehydrating ground sausage.

I am curious though on Betty Crocker vs Jiffy pizza dough mix. I think last year I tried both and decided the Jiffy was a little better. Anyone one else have an opinion?
07/30/2012 11:19AM  
I use the Boboli crust and sauce. Sometimes I dehydrate the sauce, usually not as it come in a small plastic zip top bag. I sauce the crust, add pepperoni, onions and garlic (caramelized) and Italian seasoning.

To cook, I put the pizza on the inside of the cover of my cook kit, place it on the fire grate and cover it with the pot. On top of the pot I place hot coals from the fire; works like a Dutch oven without the weight, and the pizza turns out really good!
07/30/2012 01:05PM  
I use my GSI Aluminum Dutch Oven....

Savage Voyageur
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07/30/2012 03:37PM  
Last year we had eight guys and made two Pizza's. One thick crust and one thin crust. I cooked the thin crust on my outback oven and the thick crust on the reflector oven. I start out with Pizza dough mix and add some warm water and let it rise some. Then spread it thick or thin in a pan with some Nitrile gloves on add some olive oil to make the job easier. Then we spread some pizza sauce from a bag. We also have re-hydrated some sauce and that worked good too. Add some Italian spices, onion flakes, garlic powder on top of sauce. Then I add some Pepperoni slices all over the top of the sauce. The last thing I do is shred some hard Parmesan cheese on top of everything. Here is the outback oven pizza, 20 min cooking time.
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07/30/2012 09:52PM  
Bobli crust here too, works and taste great
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08/09/2012 09:37PM  
We just got back. Our's was really easy, fast, and did not require refrigeration:

- Bought prepared crusts from wal-mart.
- Bought plastic bottle of pizza sauce
- Bought bacon bits and pepperoni
- Bought 1lb of mozzarella cheese (ok with no refridge if package not opened)

We just prepared a nice bed of coals. Then, each person made their own pizza. I placed the pizza on the fire grate and put a frying pan lid over the top. It was really a pretty good oven and the pizza cooked quickly.

No muss, no fuss, and liked by all.

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08/10/2012 09:48PM  
I have had a reflector oven for three years now,the first thing we tried in the bwca was pizza. Now the boys wont go with out. I have to admit I like it to
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08/12/2012 10:29PM  
We use naan (Indian bread) as the premade crust and squeeze bottle pizza sauce and mozzarella or cheese rips (sticks) and the meat choices are mini pepperoni, bacon bits, and salami.

We make them on the grill over coals with a tinfoil tent.
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08/13/2012 07:27AM  
We did the same thing as Mad Angler this year, but put foil under the pizza and a little foil tent for on top. Worked great!

We had this second night out. We froze the mozzarella cheese and kept it in the soft side cooler with our fresh/frozen food. We used sliced rather than shredded cheese.

Also, we added dehydrated hamburger, mushrooms and green peppers....that was really good.
08/16/2012 12:17PM  
75 miles into Yellowstone- after 12 miles of hiking with a ridiculous altitude gain- after setting up a site in the dark.

It was one of the meals we all remember being amazing!
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08/16/2012 12:47PM  
We use Aldi brand crust (similar to Bobbli, half price), plastic squeeze bottle sauce, pepperoni, and block of mozzarella. I spread some margarine on the crust and brown it on low flame (big fry pan). While that is browning, I put the sauce in a pot next to it (2 burner) and throw the pepperoni right into the sauce and heat it up. After I turn the crust, i dump the the sauce and pep combo on, spread it around, and add slices of mozzarella. Then I cover it until the cheese melts. We serve it with crushed red peppers and "shaky cheese" which always is fun for the troops.
02/17/2013 06:55PM  
We use the store bought pizza crust mix and add our toppings. Cook it over the camp fire or stove and it's yummy!
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02/25/2013 10:06AM  
At home, I always make the dough from scratch and make pizzas on the weber.

So for the bw, I prepack the pizza dough ingrediants in a zip lock bag. I dehydrate the toppings and also either dehydrate some hamburger or bring some peperoni.

I add the water to the dough ingrediants about an hour or two in advance to let it rise. I rehydrate the topping ingrediants and heat it up in a pot. I form individual pie crusts and cook the dough a few minutes each side right on the grate (I bring a disposable grill topper pan) or in a pan if its raining. I then imitate a "trenton tomato pie" by putting schredded cheese directly on the pie crust and pour the tomato topping on top. The heat from the topping usually melts the cheese. Wait a few minutes and then serve.
04/08/2013 07:20PM  
we do tortilla pizza. Sauce comes in a plastic bottle, string cheese, pepperoni. cook on one side, toss another tortilla on top and flip it over (it is more of a pizza quesadilla). Quick and very easy.
04/08/2013 08:15PM  
Sammy's Pizza we cooked in a pan. YUM! The key is measuring the pan or cook wear you are bringing then making or ordering a pizza to fit that pan.
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04/08/2013 08:50PM  
quote Chilly: " Sammy's Pizza we cooked in a pan. YUM! The key is measuring the pan or cook wear you are bringing then making or ordering a pizza to fit that pan."

With onions and are those jalapenos?
Grandma L
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04/28/2013 09:26AM  
We have switched to "calzone pizza pockets". Using tortillas for crust, add sauce, meat and cheese on one half, fold closed and heat in frying pan doing 2 at a time in the pan. Fast and easy with no burn!
05/29/2013 01:46PM  
I make at least once a trip and make directly on the fire grate.

I make dough from scratch using same recipe as at home; bread flour, salt, olive oil, and dry yeast that has been reactivated with warm water and some sugar. Like Chicagored I prepack the ingredients, but seal using my food sealer. Once water/oil added, dough has to sit a couple hours, so I may make in morning for use later in day. Takes some time, but I love the bubbly, crispy crust.

To make on the grate, build fire up and let start to burn down. Roll dough as flat as possible; can use blade of paddle if needed. Toss dough onto grate for about 45-60 seconds; should be just enough to get a bit crusty. Turn over, spread coals a bit, and add ingredients - then cover with a piece of alum foil shaped into a dome covering 4-5 inches beyond edge of pizza in all directions.

Watch bottom for burning and adjust heat as needed, and give about 5 minutes.

Ingredients I usually use:
- tomato paste mixed with some olive oil and spices (dry oregano and basil) for base
- grated parmisan and kaiserman cheese - not too thick
- rehydrated mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes
- kalamata olives if I have some

Peperoni may not heat up very well this way, but could be pre-heated in a pan or on some foil before adding to pizza.

Can easily test this on any grill at home before BWCA.
08/12/2014 11:07PM  
Here are a couple of pizzas I made in my Fry-Bake oven.

Sausage, black olive, mushroom

Hamburger, onion, black olive, green & yellow pepper
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08/13/2014 06:06AM  
I've doen it a couple of ways. Using either one of my reflector ovens or using my Outback Oven. I usually use the Boboli crusts as it's easier and less mess than with the make your own crust mixs. I used to make them in my cast iron Dutch Oven a long time ago.
08/11/2018 11:37AM  
English muffins work well for individual pizzas.
Then everyone can top as they please.
Sauce, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, garlic, onions, even fish if you are so inclined.
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