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08/24/2012 03:47AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
My son and I are headed for Ontario in about 5 hours, headed to Harmon lake . Taking a 9 weight flyrod loaded with weight forward line and some big surface flies, were really new at fly fishing. I did a Bwca trip in June and caught a lot of 13 to 15 inch smallies on surface poppers which was really great fun, but this is our first attempt to fish for northerns out of a canoe. I should of had a 5 or 6 weight for the smallies, I think that would of been much more fun and probably much easier to cast and hopefully much more accurate, I spent a lot of time getting my flies out of the trees along the bank. this is my first post on the fly fishing link and I don't see that's it used much, don't many folks fly fish, or do the post somewhere else? I was tempted not to post here so more people wouldn't learn what they are missing but if we don't eat the fish, then we can catch them next year and they will be bigger and as we all know {as far as fish are concerned] bigger is better. Hoping a lot more folks will use this fourm. FRED
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Savage Voyageur
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08/30/2012 07:46PM  
Hi Fred, Hope you had a great time in Ontario fly fishing. Tell us how you did when you get back. I will be fishing the upper Mississippi river with my fly rod this weekend. I have a new to me 7 wt traveler rod and it needs to catch a fish.
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