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09/13/2012 03:11AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
My son and I got back from BrightSands Provincial Park last week and had a great trip. Weather was great [except lots of wind] sunny and warm, no rain to speak of and almost no bugs. Fishing was really good, lots of 20 inch walleyes, biggest was 26.6 inches, biggest northern was 37.6 inches, which was caught on a flyrod. We only used the flyrod one afternoon because of wind, were not great fly fisherman so casting in the wind is really a problem for us. I was playing "outboard" for my son and we came into this bay with lots of weeds showing, on his second cast this northern simply engulfed the fly, lime green sponge head with a 7 inch fuzzy tail, he said "Dad this is pretty good fish" when he set the hook. The fight was on right ahead of the canoe so I didn't see the fish for awhile and when I did see it I told him I was going to backpaddle us across the bay to a sand beach to land it, another nice fish turned loose. Stephen worked the bay and caught several other northern but they were all 24 inches and less but several of them actually jumped out of the water and dived on the poor fly hooking themselves on the way down. We decided that the flyrod goes on every trip to the north country from now on. FRED
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member (15)member
09/13/2012 05:51AM  
Sounds like a great time. I never go out with at least 2 fly rods with me.
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09/13/2012 04:54PM  
Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you guys had a great trip. A fly rod makes catching a nice fish even nicer.

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