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04/07/2013 10:39AM  
Anyone have a bdub recipe for shrimp tacos?
I'm thinking of using crawdads instead of shrimp.
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distinguished member (105)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/09/2013 11:12AM  
Shrimp & crab burritos for 2

Fresh shrimp seasoned, cooked, chopped & dehydrated
One can crab, dehydrated
Lipton/Knorr Mexican rice or taco rice
cheddar twist string cheese x3
2 packets of Cholula hot sauce
Optional..mix of dehydrated veggies/beans
Soft tortillas

Rehydrate the proteins/veggies in water, cook rice, put everything else together in the pot. Place on tortillas. Yummy.

I love zatarains red beans & rice/dirty rice etc, but the cook time is longer and the volume is more than I need. So I choose Lipton/knorr sides for longer trips.

04/09/2013 09:04PM  
Thanks Sw10
That's going to be one on my dinners!
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