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05/28/2013 02:44AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I tried the NIDO out the other night in an instant pudding, I noticed the pudding didn't set up quiet as firm as with regular milk, but tasted OK. I found the foil chicken at WallyWorld with the pizza topping area [where the premade crusts are and the pizza sauce are]. FRED
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05/28/2013 06:09AM  
For the pudding put in 1/4 less water. I usually break the pudding into half in a Ziplok bag so I pre mix each half with enough Nido to make one cup milk but only add 3/4 cup water. Then I set it in some water for 15 minutes. It will set as hard then.
05/29/2013 08:05AM  
In the field, we have the kids mix up the pudding and nido mix, while the adults start cooking. By the time, we are ready for dessert the pudding is firmed up pretty well.

I like the idea of using a little less water. Good tip.

06/08/2013 07:19AM  
I have the kids mix up the pudding and nido mix............,
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