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12/07/2014 12:40AM
I hate to show my ignorance but I'm curious, does vacuum sealing extend the time food will stay frozen? Say you took 2 one pound packages of hamburger, froze them both, put one pak in a Ziploc bag and vacuum sealed the other would they thaw out at the same rate? or since one has no air around it would it thaw slower or possibly faster? I don't have a vacuum sealer as yet but will be getting one fairly soon and I was curious. FRED
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12/07/2014 10:44AM
Food ziplocked or vacuum sealed thaw at the same rate, or close enough tho be indistinguishable to me. Big difference is safe/useable storage time between them, vac-bagged winning there.

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12/07/2014 02:33PM
I agree they will both thaw out at the same time. The big thing is to keep them frozen well till you want to use them.
Savage Voyageur
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12/07/2014 06:04PM
Agree they thaw at the same time. For me the big advantage is that there is no freezer burn and the meat keeps for much longer that just wrapped in paper from the butcher.
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