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01/22/2015 04:32PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Can anyone tell me about the creek from Tanner lake into Poobah? Is it readily usable and can we go both in and out on it during high water? Don Ilse tells me the portages from the north shore of Poobah are not really there; we were hoping to come in from the Maligne via the creek and possibly go north back towards Sturgeon and then north, but we will probably need to keep going west and then ultimately north back to Beaverhouse. We've seen enough of the Maligne to not consider paddling more than a few feet, if that, upstream. Thanks senor trout.
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01/22/2015 04:39PM  
Hi Tom! Glad to see you made over to! The other place has been pretty quiet for that last several years. You'll find a lot more activity here.

I personally can't help you with your question but there are several people here who can. Check into the Quetico forum too.
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01/22/2015 08:57PM  
Hello, again, Tom. As Jackfish says it might be useful to post on the Quetico forum as a number of folks who only do Quetico trips tend to skip this Trip Planning Forum.I suspect you would get some good information and perspective from a number of Quetico paddlers.

When are you expecting to go?

01/23/2015 08:30AM  
Bumped this into the Quetico forum with hopes to get Senor Trout some more answers.
01/23/2015 10:45AM  
I had a nice visit with Wally13 yesterday. He is headed into Poobah early July and has been researching the maps, etc. Maybe he could add some input as well and I think he likes helping others.
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01/23/2015 03:10PM  
I did the portages from the north side of Poohbah many years ago and it was very difficult but there were huge blazes on trees to follow. Took most of a day and the little lake in the middle was very swampy and difficult to get onto. I thought it was fun but one guy in our party of six came unglued near the end. Never had any trouble in Poohbah creek.
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01/23/2015 05:43PM  
Think "Wallee" (not certain) did a great trip report and they used the creek. --Goose
01/23/2015 07:53PM  
strout, I do have some info that you might find helpful. Poobah creek is doable. The portages can be tricky. I do have coordinates for them which I would be willing to share. The maps are not accurate . Low water could make the creek a challenge, but I have never had a problem during the summer months. I will e-mail you the coordinates along with other info you might need concerning Poohbah. It is quite a fishery.

01/23/2015 10:24PM  
I have talked to a few folks who have been into Poobah via Poobah Creek and Walllee has provided me with the most insight.

I would definitely follow his lead as he has been there several times.

I have never gone to Poobah before but I am looking forward to giving it a shot over the 4 th of July.

01/24/2015 09:28AM  
The route into Poohbah via Poohbah Creek is pretty straight forward and not difficult UNLESS water levels are very low. Then all bet are off, and you will be doing a LOT of dragging. The last two times I was in there with my son (2012 and 2014) we left Sturgeon Lake in the morning and were eating lunch on our campsite on Poohbah Lake in the early afternoon.

Last year the First at Nation folks left a mess of at least 50 walleye carcasses on our favorite site, though, along with boats, motors, and gasoline. Not a pretty site.

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01/26/2015 07:12PM  
Senor Trout. I did this creek this past June, 2014. It is not hard but has a series of short portages that were somewhat flooded this past year. Also, the location of a couple of the portages on the fisher maps were incorrect. The McKenzie maps in this case were more accurate. This creek narrows down and the portages are right before the falls or rapids so you have to paddle hard upstream in a few cases to get to them. But, the river is also shallow enough to wade almost throughout so if you need to walk your canoe upstream this is not a big problem. When the very wide section of the creek, almost a flowage, necks down to a very narrow stream, go all the way to the beginning of the rapids and look for the portage on the right. It is very hard to see until you are right at the base of the rapids due to bushes. I believe this was the second portage. Once near the falls or rapids (which are not major) the portages are pretty easy to see. As an aside. We had excellent fishing in the narrow portion of the lake you need to go through to get to the main lake once you are done with the creek. Do not pass this area up without casting a few lures. Good for smallmouth and pike. Good luck. Moonpath
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02/05/2015 02:24PM  
Has anyone paddled up the Maligne River from Poohbah Creek to Sturgeon in mid June? How is the paddle? I will be in a solo.
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02/05/2015 04:57PM  
quote Canoe42: "Has anyone paddled up the Maligne River from Poohbah Creek to Sturgeon in mid June? How is the paddle? I will be in a solo."
That would be some heavy work. I wouldn't do it.

Mad Birdman
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02/19/2015 09:33PM  
Poohbah Creek is no problem in June, which is when I was there last year. Unfortunately, Maligne River was very high as well and we barely made it up there after a 6-hour slog, and my group is healthy and strong paddlers. See my trip report "Maligned" from last year for more info.

I could not imagine someone paddling up the Maligne solo last June.

member (25)member
02/23/2015 03:37PM  
Hey Jackfish, Puckster here. It's been a long time and a name change later (prouboy). I am sporting a new hip and it's as good as new. You may recall you helped me over the Badwater/Beaverhouse portage.

Lots of chatter on this side!

02/23/2015 09:33PM  
Hiya Puck! Good to see you here. Lots of Q talkers too.
member (7)member
12/29/2016 05:29PM  
I know this is an older thread and had members that had taken this trip before. Heading up in June. Primarily focusing on fishing. I am interested in the paddle up maligne and the portages inside poohbah creek.
12/31/2016 07:07AM  
Captdcoon.... I have the coordinates for all the portages that I can text or e- mail you. Also some great fishing spots . I'm in Ely ice fishing for a few more days, but when I get back home I will contact you if you would like.
12/31/2016 10:44AM  

A couple of years ago I hooked up with Wallee at Canoecopia 2015 and he provided me with his GPS coordinates of portages and fishing spots from Twin Falls up thru the Maligne River all the way to Poobah Lake. And then Butthead helped me download the coordinates into my handheld GPS unit.

We have some folks on this site who are very generous with their time and provide lots of insight on a variety of topics. I have become a better overall fisherman, paddler, cook and camper as a result.

The only downside I had going into Poobah was that the First Nation Indians flew in a group of fisherman everyday we were on the lake the last week of June. It was like clockwork ... the plane would land near the big island that had a cache of several boats and motors and fuel ... in at 9:00 am and out at 4:00 pm. Bankers hours. Unlike Arctic I did not see them leave a bunch of fish carcasses on their island site. They were cordial but I really didn't like the sound of an airplane coming in and leaving every day and hearing a couple motor boats on the lake each day. Kind of ruined the solitude I search for every year I go into Quetico each summer.

Happy Holidays to all.
12/31/2016 01:52PM  
Have never been there, just a chance to try my sat. image subscription on BaseCamp. Hope it helps a bit. Click on photo to enlarge click again for full screen. Dashed line portages from Ibycus 3.2 Canadian topo, pink/purple lines are GPS marked tracks.

member (7)member
01/03/2017 10:39AM  
First, Thank you everyone for the responses and willingness to help.

Walleee, That would be great text or email are both fine. (240) 587 8307 , email

Wally13, I am hoping that the first nation decides not to use it while we are there. Although I know it is on their list of lakes for this year. Going up early June maybe we will miss them.

butthead, Thank you, it will be interesting to see how those images match up with walllees coordinates
member (7)member
03/09/2017 11:10AM  
Has anyone heard from Wallee?
03/09/2017 04:56PM  
quote captdcoon: "Has anyone heard from Wallee?" I'm here!! Captdcoon, I will get you portage gps coordinates, and some spots to fish! To be honest with you , I thought I already did!! , but at my age the mind is the second thing to go...... eyesight was the first... busy the next few days repairing some wind damage at the garden center, but you'll have the info this weekend!!! You'll love Poohbah, pretty special place for sure!!
03/10/2017 12:54PM  
I'm no expert but have been to Poohbah a few times. My dad made the trip for about 20 years between 1980 and 2000. My brother and I gave it a go about 5 years ago and I have gone back a few times with various groups since. It's an amazing place and the fishing is out of this world. Send me an e-mail and I can try to help.
member (7)member
03/10/2017 06:55PM  
Walllee- Not a problem, June is still 88 days away, just wanted to check in with you. skiumah- I will send you an email. Thank you both any information is appreciated.
03/17/2017 05:54PM  
Captdcoon , I need a email address
distinguished member (212)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/17/2017 10:44PM  
I've made plans to head into Poobah this year too. Just two of us and we'll be taking a couple days to get there since our plans are to paddle from the Lac La Croix ranger station. The waypoints on the portages would be appreciated and any fishing info you care to divulge will not be shared with others. Any idea if that interior lake south of Poohbah Creek is worth visiting? My email is and you can get Captdcoon's email by clicking on the envelope under his name.
03/18/2017 06:29AM  
Nobody has a envelope under their name on my screen, what am I doing wrong?? I know they used to be there!
distinguished member (212)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/18/2017 08:42AM  
The only thing I found in search is that you have to be logged in to see the envelope. Obviously you are, since you posted, but try logging out and back in. If that doesn't work, Adam may have to figure it out.
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03/18/2017 08:07PM  
If you are interested in large mouth bass it is worth going into Berniece, solitude Allan and lakers Wink. If the wind is too strong in Poobah it is worth trying these other lakes. I did the portages to all these lakes including Maligne to Poobah and they were all well marked and easy to find. However the portage from Poobah to Wink is ok but not in reverse.
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03/19/2017 09:48AM , thanks again
03/20/2017 05:17PM  
Captdcoon and castaway, e- mail sent.... better late then never right ? Getting pretty hectic here at the garden center preparing for The spring rush!!
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03/21/2017 10:48AM  
Email received! Thanks walllee!
member (7)member
03/22/2017 10:30AM  
Thank you for the email. I understand, trip is still 78 days out so there was plenty of time left
member (13)member
05/11/2017 02:06PM  
I am headed there in June. Prior trip in wasn't too bad but water level was high and the paddle up the river from Twin Falls was a challenge. Portages were pretty benign. Fishing is amazing! Enjoy the trip!
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