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04/11/2015 06:35PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Last week I succumbed to the solo bug. My poor Wenonah has been languishing in the backyard, 18.5' has proven more challenge to paddle alone than I like.

My primary interest is photography, primarily birds. After spending the requisite cash on a 400mm lens, I still wanted to get closer to my subjects. A small, maneuverable canoe seemed to be the answer.

I read many reviews, quite a few here on this site. I narrowed my sights on Wenonah, Souris River, or Bell. Checking Craigslist, I found a Wenonah Wilderness near my home and a deal was made.

Today, I travelled a short distance to Maple Grove and tested it out. I must admit that I was a little leery after reading of the tippiness of a solo canoe. I am happy to report that I worried too much! I find the wilderness to be only slightly more tippy than I am accustomed to. The only time that I noted any problem was when I attempted an Indian stroke with my new bent shaft paddle, probably watched one too many Bill Mason videos :). Methinks wrong paddle for that maneuver.

I was very pleased with the tracking and maneuverability. I am sure that a Prism tracks better, a Magic is likely more lively; I find this wilderness to be quite adequate for my needs and its weight is quite nice on the carries.

Tomorrow......Introducing an energetic fox terrier to canoeing. At the end of the day, I will either have an enthusiastic 20# ballast for my journeys or a dog that learns to swim.....kinda a win-win
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04/11/2015 07:39PM  
You will find that the more you paddle it the more comfortable it will feel. It took me some time to fully adjust, especially for taking pics.

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04/11/2015 08:21PM  
Welcome to the site, sounds like you have soloed with a tandem before but wait till you get to solo with a true solo, hard to describe the difference but sort of like driving my old farm truck then hopping into the Mustang. Finding a good solo is about like finding a good women, treat her right and she'll treat you right. FRED
04/11/2015 10:37PM  
Nice buy. And which 400mm lense?
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04/11/2015 11:02PM  
I have an old Sigma 400mm 5.6 on a Nikon D90, I do love a challenge
Alan Gage
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04/11/2015 11:33PM  

Don't forget to take along something to properly trim the boat once you have a dog in the bow. A collapsible water jug, brick, or shoreline rocks will all do the trick.

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04/12/2015 02:58AM  
You intend to sneak up on birds with an energetic fox terrier on board? Please send us your trip report.
04/12/2015 04:28AM  
You'll love the solo thing, I have 2 wilderness canoes 1 Kevlar and a TuffWeave, love them both, when traveling empty I add 30# behind me and sometimes 15# in front, then will move them around depending on the wind, I only weigh 170# so depending on your weight you can adjust, have fun with you new wilderness and enjoy the soloing.

Welcome to the board and the solo group, lots of great people here and lots of helpful info.
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