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08/15/2015 01:41AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I tried to dehydrate some muskmelon for our upcoming Ontario trip yesterday. Not to tough, I cut the melon in half, cleaned out the seeds, then quarted the halfs. Sort of filleted the mellon from the rind then cut the pieces into about 1/8 inch strips length wise, threw them onto a very lightly Pamed dehydrator sheet, I also was drying about 2 pounds of hamburger and 2 pounds of sausage at the same time so I set the heat to 165 degrees. About 5-6 hours later the burger was dry and so was the mellon. The melon was a little "brittle/crispy" on the edges but tasted good. I'm going to get a couple more to do this weekend and will cut the slices a little thicker to make them a little chewy, they will be vacuum sealed and frozen till we get ready to leave. FRED
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08/15/2015 08:15AM  
I tried Cantaloupe once and it tasted really strong when dehydrated. Water melon is really good, kind of like cotton candy when done.
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08/18/2015 10:37AM  
Thanks for all of the info, especially the descriptions of the end result. I've been wanting to try watermelon/melon in the dehydrator. Does watermelon come out brittle/crispy?
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