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01/18/2016 04:47PM
I have some powdered tomato sauce... No spices. I have some Italian spice mix my neighbor gal let me try. I have a reasonable mix to make a pretty good spaghetti sauce... Heavy on the pretty good. What else can a guy toss in there to make it taste ok. I'm thinking mushrooms, and sliced black olives dried. It would save a ton of time dehydrating spaghetti sauce and be lighter I think. I have cheese too.
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01/18/2016 06:04PM
I got this off of Canadian Canoe Routes. Sorry I don't really know how much 50g of tomato powder is. I'm anxious to try it out, as dehydrating spaghetti sauce takes a lot of time and I'd be happy to just buy the ingredients.

Tomato Powder 50g
Garlic Powder 1/4 tsp
Brown Sugar 3 tsp
Freeze dried Chives 1tsp
Dried Parsley 1 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Pepper 1/4 tsp
Italian Spice mix 1/2tsp
Granulated Dried Onions 10g
Blend well and store in an air tight container.

For use :
Weigh out ~ 35g/person, add 3/4 cups of water followed by 1 tsp of olive oil. Boil it up and you have pasta sauce for lasagne,spaghetti, etc. I also use it for chili and add in some Mexican flavour.
This gets around trying to dry the commercial product in your dehydrator and it stores well in an air tight container. If it does clump, you can break it up and it will still rehydrate well from a small clump.
01/18/2016 06:26PM
Mushrooms, olives, good!
Onions, celery, cut tomato chunks, garlic.
Places like North Bay Trading offer a large choice. Don't forget the dried ground Italian sausage.

01/18/2016 09:25PM
Thanks guys, I have dehydrated canned diced tomatoes. That would add a little texture I think. Maybe some dried onions or onion flakes. Hmmm, oh I googled how to convert grams to a teaspoon. Yep, there was an article on that. I'll give these suggestions a try. And yes Ken, I will use Italian sausage. :)
02/07/2016 08:25PM
I bought some powdered tomato in bulk at a local co-op and didn't put mine into an airtight container. By the end of the season it was a solid rock. Next time I will use the food sealer.
02/14/2016 09:30PM
quote luft: "I bought some powdered tomato in bulk at a local co-op and didn't put mine into an airtight container. By the end of the season it was a solid rock. Next time I will use the food sealer."

Hmmm, I tried in little snack bags portioned. And then those in freezer Ziploc s. So double bagged I guess.

I have a pretty good mix made up. Has a little heat. But it is so much better than the work of dehydrating. I also made up a variation for pizza.

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02/15/2016 11:50PM
powered tomato, powdered milk, a bit of powdered chicken stock add hot water and you have a great tomato soup
Powered tomato, garlic powder, and a couple of spoonfuls of italian seasoning and you've got the sauce for pasta
Mushrooms take a bit longer to come back from being dried but work great too and get started early and added later to the mix
cut back the amount of water and you've got tomato sauce for pizza's
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