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03/09/2016 09:15PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)

I am still looking for a small canoe design. I would like to hand this canoe down to my grand daughter. I also wanted a "wee" canoe to play about in. I keep coming back to the NW Tadpole. Anyone built this canoe and most important, anyone paddled one?
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03/10/2016 07:30AM  
I have seen it being built and up close at the NWC shop. I have not paddled it. I have talked to Dennis and another freestyle paddler about their time in the canoe. It is really more of a freestyle boat suited for experienced paddler from what they said. Very tender.
I was going to build one for my kids but decided against it. Not because of what they said about it but because I missed the window of time when they were smaller. Adult boat size now.
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03/17/2016 12:35PM  
I just downloaded the plans.
I too would like to hear of others that have built the Tadpole.

Mostly how it handles !

Love how Dennis shares his plans !
Thanks Dennis !

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