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07/28/2016 05:01PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Hello --

We're heading to South Lake August 14-20 of this year, we were hoping to luck into some late season Lakers and get into the famous SMB of South Lake.

We were gonna bring some Deep Diving Rapalas, heavy white SPRO bucktails and a variety of flutter spoons to give it a go. Does anyone have any hints about South Lake Lakers they don't mind passing on?

I've heard North Lake is kind of a tricky fishing lake -- how will our luck be up there for Northerns and or Walleye?

Any hints on South Lake campsites?
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08/04/2016 09:59AM  
Have not been on South Lake, but North has plenty of Lakers and Northern. Fish on both the south and north sides of the 3 islands on the west end of the lake.
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08/05/2016 10:23AM  
SMB fishing was really good for us on South Lake--the best was a 20" fish.

I can recommend the camp sites on the north shore of the lake just to the west of Height of Land portage. We liked the western-most one we could see. Recent storms are said to have caused much damage to these sites and, in fact, caused their closure for at least a week or two earlier this summer. I would check that out before planning on any South Lake campsites.
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