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08/27/2016 01:30AM  
We leave Monday morning for 10 days in Ontario [further North than the Q] and I was wondering if I freeze some cabbage with the coleslaw dressing, which is mostly mayo dressing, some green peppers, and oinons mixed in after it thaws out will the cabbage be mushy or anything? When we used to boat camped in Ontario years ago [with lots of coolers] I used to pack the cabbage, dressing, green peppers, and oinions along but didn't freeze them and it was a real crowd pleaser about midweek with fried fish. Thanks for any replies. FRED
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08/27/2016 08:18AM  
I'm a little pessimistic on freezing mayo but maybe. On the other hand, Google freezer slaw. Allrecipies has one. I recall my mom - a gardener always with too many heads of cabbage, zucchini, etc. - making this and it was very good.

Seems I read here about dehydrating cabbage, onion, etc., and making slaw in camp with mayo packets, etc. Maybe worth tossing a slaw mix into the dehydrator.
08/28/2016 11:52AM  
You could chop the cabbage, salt it and then throw it in a ziploc bag (vac seal would be better), and it will keep for a couple of weeks. It'll actually begin to naturally ferment and you'll have the beginning of homemade sauerkraut. Just pour off most of the liquid and add your slaw dressing when you're ready to use it.
08/28/2016 11:52AM  

dupe post
08/28/2016 02:23PM  
Dried chopped veggies and mayo packets.
Used to find shrimp and crab in single serving foil packs and made seafood macaroni salads. Wild Rice is also a great addition to coleslaw. Dried or fresh I always made it in camp from ingredients (my personal cooking/packing style).

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