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      Just booked our trip!     
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02/10/2017 01:26PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Just got our second family bdub trip booked. Going from EP 50 and exiting out Poplar late July. Will be a little tougher trip, but we're looking forward to it. Will also be trying out a Northwind 20 canoe, hoping that handles a little better than the MNIII we used last time.

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02/10/2017 01:41PM  
How fun! I need to get our trips booked
02/10/2017 06:37PM  
I've entered at both Cross Bay and Poplar before and love both areas. Your trip is on my to do list so I can see the areas that I haven't seen from Rib to Omega.
Have Fun!!
02/10/2017 07:56PM  
If you have a chance grab a meal at The Trail Center, top notch food!

I knew there were 20', 4 seat canoes out there but I was unaware Northstar made one. Now I'm drooling over a new canoe as our boys are getting a little big for our SR18.5 but are a few years away from being able to break up into 2 canoes. Please follow up after your trip and let us know what you thought of the canoe.
02/10/2017 08:39PM  
So fun! Have a blast!
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02/11/2017 08:34AM  
We did a variation of that trip (in reverse ) last spring. Rainy Day people

Have fun! Be sure to hit one of the sandy beach areas on Long Island Lake.
02/13/2017 07:32PM  
We plan to do our pre and post trip meals at Trail Center. Also pick up a few camp food items from them.
02/19/2017 09:26AM  
Our family of 5 (kids 10, 8 & 5) rented a Northstar 20 last summer. The boat is huge, but still turns an a dime! I loved paddling that boat and we nicknamed it "The Battleship".
02/22/2017 03:05PM  
Have fun! Should be a great trip.
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02/22/2017 07:09PM  
Have fun - wish we were doing another family trip, but this year is a Western adventure: hitting south Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. Kids wanted to go back to BWCA - but we are going to hit up lots of cool places and raft the MO Breaks. Hope your trip is awesome.
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