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member (12)member
04/18/2024 03:58PM  
In the beginning stages of planning a solo Grand Marais side hunting and fishing canoe trip. Going to be bringing a single shot twenty gauge that was my dad's, a medium light spinner and a medium heavy spinning rod and an 8wt fly rod.

Was wondering if anyone had any novice friendly loops or lakes with campsites that would be friendly for both fishing and small game hunting like grouse, squirrels and rabbits. Appreciate everyone’s input in advance.
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distinguished member(1997)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/18/2024 10:06PM  
We haven't done the Grand Marais side, but have had good luck with grouse further west. Regrowth burn areas were fantastic last fall.
04/19/2024 06:41AM  
Kawishiwi Lake up to Lake Polly, I always see plenty of birds in the fall along this route. Mainly spruce grouse, but plenty of ruffed too. Kawishiwi Lake CG would be a great place to base camp for a grouse hunting trip.
member (29)member
04/19/2024 08:32AM  
You might want to check out Crescent Lake. It's not in the boundary waters. But I stayed at the campground while I did a similar fall hunt a couple of years ago.
distinguished member(2996)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/19/2024 12:07PM  
Ironic that some people visit the BWCA to see squirrels, rabbits and birds. Others go to shoot them.

Strange world.
04/19/2024 07:15PM  
Two to three years ago I stayed at Kawishiwi Lake Rustic Campground (5 sites) a couple of nights going in and out there, and there were a couple guys grouse hunting around the area with some success. I also talked to a guy on the road near Kawishiwi who was staying at Sawbill Campground and grouse hunting. He had been doing that for several years. I also saw many other hunters out the road around Kawishiwi. I think most people hunt around the edges rather than in the BW.
04/19/2024 09:12PM  
Maybe the boarder route trail for hunting on land, but going for duck and goose on the water would be fun too. Maybe a river route or narrow lakes so the ducks are more likely to be in range. You only need a half dozen decoys for a simple setup.
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