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07/13/2016 09:09PM  
New Trip Report posted by daporter

Trip Name: Ensign Lake .

Entry Point: G

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07/13/2016 11:01PM  
Sounds like it was a great time. Thanks for posting.
07/23/2016 08:37PM  
Sounds like you had a really good trip and can look forward to the next one. I think watching a 2-year-old in the BW would be a full-time job! :) It's a full-time job watching my grandson in the house ;).
07/25/2016 09:04PM  
Nice report, sounds like you will be repeating this???. Another one of those "pink" moments, those little ones dressed in pink sure look great in pictures, if you doubt me look at Ducks trip reports and a few others. FRED
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