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Patrick (Zulu), Steve (Bogwalker)

Doug (Big Zig), Steve (Snakecharmer), Pete (Pswith5), Pete (Jackfish), Mark (Sierra1)

Debbie & Pete Crooked Lake landing Sylvania Wilderness

Quetico Erin in bow

Erin with Q walleye

Kawnipi Smallmouth

CVCA portage pads

Beach Bums (Buns)

Jon & Jim paddling glass

Packer stock certificate

Beaverhouse landing

Cross-Quetico maps all laid out

Hey GB where's your WNBA title?

Tree growing out of rock wall

Dutch Oven pizza 5 - ready to eat

Dutch Oven pizza 4

Dutch Oven pizza 3

Dutch Oven pizza 2

Dutch Oven pizza 1

Referee photo

Referee photo 2





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