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Namakagon River relaxation

Oconto River paddling

Erin smiling in Quetico

Brett Favre with Bears?

Quetico Chatterton Falls 2010

Canoe Christmas Card

Kyle with rod bent over

CCS Pioneer Packs

CCS Pioneer packs in the canoe

Fran Lake victims

Kyle with Quetico walleye

Kawnipi Smallie

Quetico Birch Lake sunrise

Beer Store

Mom Jackfish in Italy

Kyle looking westward on Badwater Lake

Quetico Gray to Unnamed 2003

Isabella Creek

Isabella Creek in Quetico.

Quetico Five boys in Louisa Falls

Quetico Darky Lake sunny morning

Darky Lake sunrise

My Mad River Lamoille on Side Lake

Misty glass on Beaverhouse Lake - June 2009

Quetico Trail to Beaverhouse landing

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