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Looking back toward the unloading area.

We used to unload here. The rock blocking the drive is up by the trees.

Last 100 yards is blocked now

Quetico Beaverhouse parking lot

BW portage trail in Sept

Kyle in the bow

Gas station in International Falls

Quetico Getting gas in Int'l Falls

Van behind White Otter Inn

Before departure 1999

Canoe paddles at the ready

Four layers in June 2008

Quetico Singing Brook portage

The Guests of Honor

Quetico 2003 - the boys' first trip

Kyle filleting a walleye on a rock

Filleting on a rock

Kyle sleeping with tummy full of walleyes

Walleye dinner in progress

Muddy Badwater portage

Evening on Badwater Lake

Quetico Rebecca Falls in Sept 2007


Jackfish with a Q walleye

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