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Quetico 2010 Beaver House to Gunflint (163 photos)

snow to trail lake

quetico sept 2010

view west from birch lake site on argo

argo site

northwest side of birch island


burke lake, quetico sept 28 2010

breakfast quetico lake sept 17

bell island, quetico


sarah lake hbb and strawberry jam

granite river october 1, 2010


falls at prairie portage

sarah lake

makeshift firepit

sarah lake firepit

sarah lake site

oct 1 trip portion Sag to Gunflint lake

against the current,really no current, not much water

9/30 trip portion knife, ottertrack to east side of sag

nasty nw winds crossing sag

9/29 trip portion just west of birch lake to just past Thunder Point

rained most of day

9/26-28 trip portion Sarah to beyond Prairie Portage

9/26,27 on Sarah 9/28 Sarah to almost Birch lake

9/25 argo to mcintryre 2nd part

9/25 argo to Hurn detail

day of boulder

9/25 argo to mcintyre day via the ink line

argo, cone, elk, hurn, milt, ted, several no name ponds, mcintyre 7pm

9/22-25 trip portion

maligne to minn to argo on 9/22, then nights 22,23,34 on Argo in the wind and rain

9/16-21 trip portion

15BH, 16,17,18 Quetico, 19 Snow, 20 maligne before Tanner, 21 maligne before twin falls, 22 malign to minn to argo

9/15 1st night on west end just past that big island

morning of 9/16 on way back toward quetico lake we found the pictographs along the west wall of the island shaped like a sideways Z

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