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Quetico 2010 Beaver House to Gunflint (163 photos)

9/26 Jiffy pop

a wonderful treat, Sarah lake

9/26 campfire

Sarah lake 9/26

9/15 beaverhouse

ready to go, 230pm 9/15

9/15 Beaver House sign

Finally! a long drive to this point, only 20 minutes more until we launch.

9/15 beaverhouse

can't leave Dickfur home! Loki, the newfi, moved to Alaska, i miss her

9/25 Hurn Lake

north shore of Hurn lake

Little Rock Falls

October 1, 2010

Little Rock Falls

July 2009

oct 3 bear

resting in a tree.

9/28 loon

Burke lake the eagle was watching the loon

9/28 eagle

Burke Lake

9/27 squirrel

Sarah lake, constant friend

9/21 fall colors

Maligne river

9/25 Elk lake

9/26 full moon

full moon on mcintyre

9/27 clouds

storm brewing

9/15 Caution

parking lot sign at Quetico Park office in Atikokan

9/15 Souris River skin

the beginnings of a Souris River Quetico 17

9/30 Cache Point latrine

log latrine.

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