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Quetico 2010 Beaver House to Gunflint (163 photos)

9/13 trip overview map

beaver house to gunflint lake, showing route changes

oct 2 sunrise as we're crossing gunflint lake


oct 1 we stayed here our last night

gallagher's island, magnetic lake

9/16 old car

portage between Beaverhouse and Quetico lakes

9/25 portage between Ted and Earl

very deep ravine off side of portage.

9/25 maple leaves

9/19 Quetico lake sunrise

quetico lake

9/16 "Jack"

my whiskey jack paddle.

9/29 Ribbon rock

oct 1 looking north down granite river

this was a hail storm that dumped on us about 5 mintutes after this photo was taken. 10/1

oct 1 granite river (or pine river as some folks call it)

this should be all water. the mud extends all the way to another rock jumble which eventually leads to the Wood Horse portage. we're heading toward gunflint lake. 10/1

oct 1 looking toward where the granite river should be flowing north

oct 1 where is the lake?

this is the other side of the Clove lake portage (heading toward Gunflint lake)

oct 1 portage from Clove to the granite river


oct 1 Gneiss lake portage

north side of Gneiss lake portage

oct 1 Horsetail Rapids

view from the Sag side

oct 1 Sag Falls

view of Sag Falls from the Sag side

oct 1 heli-port on Sag

heli-port constructed during the Ham Lake fire

9/30 cedar trees

canadian side of Sag 9/30

9/30 Swamp portage

5rd portage with oak tree

oct 1 Monument on Monument portage

oct 1 Monument Portage

beginning of Monument portage from Ottertrack lake

9/29 view from the latrine

looking east down Knife lake from the latrine, located at the top of the hill on the campsite

9/29 Birch lake

looking west on Birch lake

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