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04/19/2018 10:44AM
I've probably had my best walleye luck in the BW with Lindy rigs (leeches and slip bobbers are a close second).

For Lindys, I use a 1/8 or 1/4 oz lindy sinker, a barrel swivel, a floating jig head and a leech.

I've had great success using this setup on mud flats below waterfalls.

Any improvement suggestions to my setup?
Where and how do others use lindy rigs?
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04/19/2018 09:39PM
I'm with you as far as lindy rigs #1 and slip bobbers and leeches #1A.

I run my lindy rigs behind a bottom bouncer and found I can almost always tick the rocks a couple of times and adjust my depth before I get snagged. As for the lindy rig itself my go to is a silver blade and beads with a 3 hook crawler harness.
distinguished member(724)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/19/2018 10:46PM
I have not mastered the Lindy rig yet. First rig I tried this year on my local lake, without success. I just haven’t gotten the feel for it yet I guess. Was slow trolling minnows off my Prism. I’ll try a floater setup. I was thinking of doing that. We’ll see how it goes. I still have it set up on one rod. It just isn’t my favorite way of fishing. That could change real quick if I start catching. I’ll try it again. I’ve been using live bait more these days. Best luck has been with crawlers.
04/19/2018 11:28PM
If it is August use a big minnow or chub on a plain hook or floating jig will work normally better than a leech.

Sometimes a shorter snell 18-24” is better sometimes longer up to 3-4 feet or add a spinner instead of plain hook and move a little faster just gotta experiment. Then you can experiment with, red, chartreuse hook...add a bead...

distinguished member(1580)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/20/2018 07:29AM
My rig is basically a slip bobber that stays on the bottom. I cast out and let it settle to the bottom. I reel in the slack and let it sit a few seconds. I reel in about 3 feet and let it set some more.

It is always on the bottom and not usually moving. I let the leech do the work.

I have only tried using this technique on mud or sandy bottoms. It seems like it wouldn't last very long on rocky bottoms.
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04/21/2018 12:10AM
I like drifting bottom bouncers with spinner rigs.
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04/21/2018 05:35AM
Lindy Rig.........I wonder how they got credit for a sliding sinker and split shot? Masters of not only fishing but marketing (good for them, Its the American way ;-)

I like that style of fishing but it can be tough to use on bottom with a continually fluctuating water depth and constant monitoring needs be employed. Easier if two people are involved (one doing the paddling) or you are just drifting. Big flats where the water depth is fairly constant is best or a shoreline which drops off evenly for a distance makes for more efficient fishing with the Lindy Rig. Otherwise you end up hung more often than not. Can be tough to beat however.
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