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      Trip Report - Canoe Lake for 19th consecutive trip     



09/05/2018 03:26PM  
New Trip Report posted by BigTim

Trip Name: Canoe Lake for 19th consecutive trip.

Entry Point: 64

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09/05/2018 03:49PM  
Enjoyed the trip report - it was almost the same trip I did there when the Pagami Fire closed my entry to the west of the Gunflint. I stayed at the same site, paddled Paddle Lake, walked the portage over to Pine, went to Crystal . . . but I had headwind on the way out ;)
Guest Paddler
09/05/2018 07:14PM  
Big Tim,
I enjoyed hearing about your dad and son trip! We have stayed at that canoe lake campsite many times over the years. A real gem and I love how the waterfall puts me to sleep! By the way, aren't you from Arcadia,WI? I was born there and lived there until age 9. Safe travels! Marc from Red Wing.
09/05/2018 08:24PM  
Thanks Trout. We actually live halfway between Arcadia and Ettrick - with an Arcadia address. We always sleep like babies up there!
09/06/2018 05:57AM  
I enjoyed your trip report and the photos. We were up there in a cabin on the Gunflint the same week, and I can agree that it was a dry, dusty week! Came home with our car encased in a crust of dust all over.

It is a nice area where you took your trip, and it looks like you had a good time. Thanks for sharing.
distinguished member (330)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/06/2018 01:50PM  
Nice trip! Here's to your 20th!
09/07/2018 09:25AM  
Sounds like a great trip! Love that area too.
distinguished member (247)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/17/2018 04:51PM  
Hey Big Tim,
Nice trip report. We were your neighbors on Canoe for part of the week. It was me, my wife and daughter. We met on the portage from Alder to Canoe. We were just getting ready to take off on Canoe and we heard you catch your northern!!! LOL Made me actually thinking you may have tipped the canoe.
09/17/2018 08:06PM  
Of course. Nice neighbors. Hardly knew you were there. Hope you had a great trip as well. That was our first time to Canoe lake. We'll certainly consider a repeat trip in the future.
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