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01/30/2021 02:27PM  
New Trip Report posted by WaterBadger

Trip Name: To Canoe or Not to Canoe, that is the question..

Entry Point: 51

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01/30/2021 03:44PM  
Nice report and great photos--thanks for taking me along. In addition to the freeze-dried options for reducing weight, consider dehydrating your own--lots of recipes on this site as well as links to others. Your comment about "age versus youth" in the canoes made me laugh, and the moose shot is classic.

01/30/2021 06:16PM  
I enjoyed your trip report, and especially the photos. It looks like you had beautiful weather for your trip (yes, always take your sleeping bag!), and the photos are always so much nicer when you aren't taking them in the rain.

Thanks for sharing.
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01/30/2021 09:47PM  
Great trip report. Love the "moose" photo! You traveled through some great areas. Little Sag is one of my favorites now after our trip this summer. We camped near the portage from Mora and took a layover day. We went back to that portage for lunch and then walked and swam the whole little river section there. So beautiful.

You were very fortunate with your day on Gabi. We had very strong winds the day we crossed and we were glad we were in a 3-person canoe with 3 strong paddlers. We didn't dare hesitate in the middle of that wide open expanse. You are so correct that the sense of scale gets messed up on that lake.

Wonderful pictures. And so awesome that you were able to introduce your parents to the BWCA. These will be memories that last. Hope you can take lots more trips with them.
02/02/2021 01:02PM  
Very nice trip report, glad I took my lunch time to read it. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

I did this same route 15 or so years ago. We stayed the night before at Voyageurs outfitters and they gave us a ride to the EP. I don't remember for sure but I think we our campsites were on Little Sag, Mueller(chasing rumors of Walleye to no avail), Spice (nice to have a lake to yourselves!), Jasper, and Seagull. Hope to get back sometime.

The pictures of the glass conditions on Gabi are amazing! We were fortunate to hit it with just light wind but what you had was amazing! Last year we had the same thing happen on Winchell, not a ripple until later in the morning.

And I definitely see what you did when you discussed your awesome fishing spot! of Ogish...where could that be??
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02/03/2021 10:00AM  
Looks like you had some nice sunsets and captured some nice photos of them as well.
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