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Guest Paddler
01/29/2024 08:34AM  
Looking for an outfitter nearest Entry#33. The two things I need from outfitter is a one night bunk house and canoe rental. I usually go on the the Gunflint side. Have been to the Ely side in over 10 years. From what I remember, most outfitters are in the town of Ely.

Thanks for any information you might have.
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01/29/2024 08:36AM  

Here is a link to the outfitter map.

BWCA Outfitter Map
01/29/2024 09:34AM  
I think the closest ones to EP 33 are the ones in town.
01/29/2024 09:42AM  
Boundary Waters Outfitters at 638 Kawishiwi Trail Ely, MN 55731 would be the closest. It's not a whole lot closer than town (about 7 miles) but I've had great service there and they have bunk rooms as well. We used them last summer as our permit pickup location for EP 33, it's about a half hour drive to the EP parking lot from there.
01/29/2024 01:30PM  
Moosetracks has cabins. I'm not sure about a bunkhouse but you can call them up to check on it. I bought some used sleeping pads from them once. They seemed like nice, reputable folks.
senior member (73)senior membersenior member
02/04/2024 04:02PM  
Last year had a group of 6 guys go in entry #33 Little Gabbro. We used Ely Outfitting Company. Located right along the highway going thru Ely. Awesome equipment, stayed in a bunkhouse, they equip you with everything needed to strap a canoe to your vehicle and about a half hour drive to entry. On return they got you covered with a hot shower too. We are doing entry #32 this year and Ely Outfitting Company is again our go to. You won’t be disappointed.
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