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05/05/2009 05:14AM  
99.9 percent sure I am going to rip my own strips. Would like a recommendation on a good thin kerf blade, where to buy, and how much they run. Also, has anyone had good/bad experiences with this process: I will be walking off strips with circular hand saw.
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05/05/2009 09:22AM  
To answer your question, I bought a thin kerf blade from Menards. I don't know what brand. It was many years ago (15?) and was about $25.

The first canoe I made I used the walking-off-strips-with-circular-hand-saw technique, and I found that it worked very well. I actually prefered it to using a table saw ... at least until you get down to the last few inches of width.

The worst part of cutting the strips for me was the tedium. The first couple of dozen was OK, then it got old. I think my estimate was 70 full length strips. However, I was not using full length strips so I was cutting over 100.

Also, if possible set up outside. I think it is more enjoyable, but even more, you have better ventilation and easier clean up.

05/05/2009 09:47AM  
I think mine was a Freud, cost about $40 or so. As usual, I'm in agreement with Bannock. Cut the strips outside or somewhere with a lot of ventilation and consider wearing a mask or respirator, cedar creates just a ton of dust.

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05/07/2009 06:56PM  
Another one for the Freud.

BTW Cedar and Ash (sanding dust) are both reputed to be toxic when inhaled. A dust mask is cheap insurance and definitely do this outside! I just ripped all the strips for my Freedom17 and there was a PILE of dust even with a thin kerf Freud.

Purchasing pre-milled strips for me is too pricey. I'm a ripper!
05/08/2009 01:00AM  
Bought a Bosch 40 tooth carbide at menards for 20 bucks today. measures at 1/16 inch kerf, maybe a hair thicker.
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