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06/13/2009 06:49PM  
Is it really necessary to glass the inner hull? I realize stronger, but necessary?
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06/13/2009 08:59PM  
My answer from Bear Mountain Boats copied here so these guys (who maybe don't hang out there) could read it too.

The 38 Special was our first build and it was a good project. We went with 6oz inside and out and I'm glad we did.

I suppose your proposal has been done but it is risky in my book. I'm in the structural engineering field and these hull shells are basically a shaped "structural composite panel". It is the same principle that gives us the Structural Insulated Panel used in buildings. Hard shells on both sides can sandwich (bond to) a softer core and the resulting "composite" is a very strong panel. It is a beautiful structural marriage of the fiberglass, epoxy and the cedar. And the epoxy (obviously you know this) doesn't just bond TO the cedar it bonds INTO the cedar WITH the fiberglass such that the fiberglass is now an integral part of the wood. Both skins of this nature are structurally necessary to create this structural composite panel.

Remove one of those skins and your structure is weakened substantially. Your canoe bottom (IMHO) would tend to "tin can" and ultimately have a failure.

Other minds wiser might chime in here but a 38 Special is a beautiful girl and I would hate to hear of those graceful curves and tumblehomes being hurt.

Honestly it wont add that much weight. Chris' 38 (named The Kestrel) came in at just under 50 pounds and we had a lot of hardwood trim to boot. It's a great little design.
06/13/2009 10:53PM  
Thanks man!
06/14/2009 09:54PM  
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