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06/11/2011 01:29AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
New Trip Report posted by Chilly

Trip Name: 2 weeks of Freedom.

Entry Point: 25

Click Here to View Trip Report
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06/11/2011 06:52AM  
Nice Pics Chilly. Looks like the weather was great as well! Thanks for sharing
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06/11/2011 08:53AM  
Nice Pics! It looks like you had good weather overall!
jb in the wild
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06/11/2011 03:12PM  
Chilly you and I do trip reports pretty much the same, a picture is worth a thousand words. I went on a bushwhack to Yodeler and documented it about the same as you.
Looks like you had a great time, very cool.

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06/11/2011 03:26PM  
Great photos. I like Mr. Wilson and the one taken of a misty, morning lake on May 25 - its incredible. Whats with the bikini babes? Found trash?

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06/11/2011 08:40PM  
2 weeks! Musta been nice?!? Very nice photos. thanks for sharing.

If you don't mind telling? Where were those large pines located at?
06/13/2011 07:54PM  
The large pines were on Thomas.

-(to answer a ? from Listening Point) Many of the photo names are words or phrases on the page where you choose the name of the photo and load it onto the trip report. Too many photos, just didn't want to think of names for them all.

-The bikini babes: We found a large stack of old magazines at Smitty's just before we left and of course the best beach bods of 2010 caught both of our eyes. We decided to take one page each from the mag and during the long 2 week trip with only one person to talk to we ended up from time to time asking Uma Thurman, Kim Kardashian, Denise Richards, or even Wilson the tennis ball what we should have for dinner and such. You see saying I would like to fish that calm bay isn't as effective as saying Julia Roberts would like to go over there and fish that calm bay.

-Would like to add how perfectly great the people at Smitty's were. They were very interested in the trip plan and wanted to talk about how bad the twins were and other friendly small talk.
06/15/2011 01:51PM  
Oh what Iwouldn't do for 2 weeks there!! Nice pictures!
06/15/2011 04:18PM  
fun pictorial!
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06/16/2011 08:07AM  

The collection of photographs are outstanding Chilly! My favorites are the two from Day 12. The foggy sunrise silhouetted by trees and the one on the lower left of the canoe.
The food looks delicious in the photos. I am hurrying through writhing this so I can go eat something after looking at the one with the bacon in it.
I also like the photo of man, cup and tennis ball. It's intriguing. Is he tossing Wilson out of the cup or about to catch it in the cup?

Great job taking photos Chilly and thanks for publishing so many of them!
06/17/2011 12:48AM  
Thanks Zulu and everyone for the wonderful comments, my limited vocabulary can't explain how elated they can make one feel.

The one with the gentleman, (and I use the word very loosely:) cup and Wilson has the 'gentleman' raising his glass in cheers to Wilson as he stuck him in the tree to hang out with us.

In the other photo you like of the canoe you will notice there is a femur in the photo of either a deer or moose (we hope).

It's funny how the point and shooter (only have a $30 used 7mp point and shoot camera) has no idea what others look for in a photo. For instance the photo I submitted for this months photo contest I feel is the best luck (and truly luck as I have no skill other then framing my professional photographer friend explains) darn photo I've ever taken but have never had anyone notice it. Again in these photos for some reason my favs are ones not mentioned but it just goes to show the age old tale that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks again everyone, y'all made my days.

06/19/2011 08:13PM  

From the looks of things, It appears you are having a GREAT Time!

Thanks for the pictures

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